YouTube Premium might let you automatically jump to the most interesting part of a video

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Google is testing retired an absorbing research pinch YouTube.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube is testing retired an experimental characteristic (meaning it rolls retired to a prime fewer users earlier going wide) that would let Premium users to automatically jump up to what they want to see. In different words, it would usage instrumentality learning information to find what is nan astir absorbing portion of a video, and punctual users to spell consecutive to said part.

In applicable terms, this would activity likewise to nan double-tap instrumentality you tin usage connected mobile devices to skip up by 10 seconds successful a video, isolated from you'd beryllium skipping to a predetermined portion of nan video that YouTube has deemed interesting. Many YouTube videos already person a small "most replayed" schematic to fto you cognize wherever group are scrubbing to nan most, truthful possibly nan information to alteration this caller characteristic already exists.

Anyway, I haven't seen this connected my devices yet, truthful who knows erstwhile aliases if this will rotation retired widely. It would beryllium different bully logic to salary for YouTube Premium, astatine least.

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