Amazon deal of the day: Get the Kindle Scribe for $100 off

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The Amazon deals of nan time see $100 disconnected a Kindle Scribe (64GB), positive much deals connected headphones, smartphones, robovacs, and more. Here are our apical picks:

Amazon Deals of nan Day:

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Best robot vacuum and mop deal

Shark robot vacuum and mop

Samsung Galaxy S24+

Sony WH-XB910N Extra Bass noise-canceling headphones

Amazon Echo Pop pinch Amazon Basics Smart Color Bulb

There's thing we emotion much present astatine Mashable than a awesome deal. When it comes to tech, if there's a waste retired there, we've sewage it covered — and we recovered immoderate fantabulous ones coming astatine Amazon.

There's ever a plethora of deals connected products astatine Amazon, but it's tedious activity to benignant done them. But we did each nan difficult activity for you and recovered Amazon's champion deals connected Kindles, robovacs, Amazon's Echo devices, and more, pinch discounts up to 44%. Check retired our apical picks for deals astatine Amazon arsenic of March 30 below:

Our apical pick

Why we for illustration it

For those who emotion to return notes, highlight, and moreover doodle while they read, an Amazon Kindle Scribe pinch a ample surface of 10.2 inches could make your life a batch simpler. Use nan included Premium Pen to people up immoderate you're reference pinch your thoughts easily, past person your handwritten notes to matter done nan Kindle app. You tin import and people up documents for work, journal, and moreover sketch pinch different brushwood types, from fountain pen to pencil. With 64GB of storage, you'll person to activity difficult to tally retired of abstraction for each your books connected this device. Plus, this Kindle has nan longest artillery of each Kindle devices and should past you months.

If you're fresh to bargain 2 Kindle Scribes coming you'll prevention an further $40 acknowledgment to this limited-time deal.

Best robot vacuum deal

Why we for illustration it

If you're fresh to return outpouring cleaning to nan adjacent level, it could beryllium nan cleanable clip to put successful a robot vacuum. This 1 from Shark does double work pinch nan capacity to vacuum up each that dust, dirt, and pet hairsbreadth and mop up your difficult floors, too. Its LIDAR exertion lets you representation your location truthful you tin group up cleaning schedules aliases areas you want nan robovac to enactment distant from, and its AI Laser Navigation makes judge your full location gets clean, statement by row, each time. Plus, you tin dispatch it pinch your sound pinch Alexa aliases Google Assistant. Easy peasy.

Best smartphone deal

Why we for illustration it

Read Mashable's afloat reappraisal of nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

"A adjacent rival to nan iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung's caller Galaxy S24 Ultra is simply a premium 6.8-inch smartphone pinch a durable titanium design, a rear telephoto lens pinch impressive zoom capabilities, and a smattering of neat AI features. It besides comes pinch a built-in S Pen stylus that doubles arsenic a remote, said Mashable tech editor Kim Gedeon. This is nan 256GB guidelines model's first discount since it launched successful January 2024." — Haley Henschel, Senior Shopping Reporter

Best Echo bundle deal

Why we for illustration it

"As of March 30, you tin get nan Echo Pop speaker paired pinch an Amazon Basics smart ray bulb for only $22.99. That's nan aforesaid value arsenic nan Echo Pop connected its ain astatine nan existent waste value (regularly $39.99). The Amazon Basics smart bulb regularly costs $12.99, truthful you'll beryllium pocketing that magnitude by snagging nan bundle. The Echo Pop is simply a 'good budget-friendly action successful nan Echo lineup,' according to Mashable's reviewer, SaVanna Shoemaker, and makes a bully summation to nan homes of folks 'who for illustration to support euphony playing, and who besides usage Alexa arsenic a location assistant.'" — Christina Buff, Mashable Deals writer

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