You can make YouTube Music your default service on the Apple HomePod

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Great news for nan dedicated fewer Apple Home folks who usage YouTube Music (I cognize you’re retired there!) — you tin now merge nan work pinch your HomePods and either inquire Siri to play songs utilizing YouTube Music aliases group nan work arsenic your default source. 9to5Google spotted a Reddit station from YouTube Music merchandise caput Brandon Bilinski announcing nan update. You tin find instructions for mounting up nan integration connected a support page for nan service.

The database of third-party euphony services that you tin merge pinch HomePods is still beautiful lean. Until now, nan biggest alternatives to Apple Music that person added that support were astir apt Deezer and Pandora. You tin finally inquire Siri to play euphony pinch Spotify connected HomePods, but nan institution still doesn’t support connecting nan app to Apple’s speakers.

A screenshot showing nan disposable HomePod media services successful nan Apple Home app. It lists Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube Music, and shows YouTube Music arsenic nan Default Service.

Look Ma, it’s YouTube Music!

Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

To link YouTube Music to your HomePods, you’ll request to either person a YouTube Music aliases YouTube Premium account. Open nan app, pat your personification icon successful nan apical right, past spell to Settings > Connected Apps > Connect pinch HomePod. Then, to group it arsenic your default, unfastened nan Home App connected your iPhone aliases iPad, pat nan settings icon successful nan precocious correct there, and spell to Home Settings > Your username (in nan People section) > Default Service.

If you don’t spot nan “Connected Apps” action successful YouTube Music, don’t interest — I didn’t either astatine first. After force-closing nan app and re-opening it, however, it was there. You whitethorn besides request to make judge you’ve sewage nan latest type of nan app.

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