X hiring content moderators for a new 'Trust and Safety' center in Austin

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The news comes days earlier Linda Yaccarino's legislature hearing.

Elon Musk astatine a speaking arena holding a microphone

Musk is bringing backmost a small spot of contented moderation. Credit: Getty Images

X, formerly known astatine Twitter, is building its contented moderation squad backmost up, but not completely.

According to Bloomberg, nan institution is hiring 100 labor for a "Trust and Safety halfway of excellence" successful Austin, TX. After Elon Musk took complete nan level successful 2022, he laid disconnected astir 80 percent of nan institution and gutted nan content moderation team. The caller squad will attraction connected enforcing nan platform's rules astir unit and dislike speech, and specifically combatting CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation).

The timing of this study comes days earlier X CEO Linda Yaccarino is scheduled to attest earlier nan Senate Judiciary Committee for a hearing connected protecting children online. On Friday, Jan. 26, X published a blog post outlining its activity to "tackle Child Sexual Exploitation" connected nan platform.

As a self-professed "free-speech absolutist," Musk bought nan level to create a integer municipality quadrate by rolling backmost policies and efforts which he believed hindered free speech. However, this soon turned X into an moreover much toxic place, which caused big summons advertisers to time off nan level and X's valuation to plummet.

Is nan improvement of a contented moderation office nan motion of affirmative alteration for nan platform? According to 2020 NYU Stern report, Twitter utilized to person astir 1,500 contented moderators, truthful a squad of 100 is peanuts compared to what it utilized to be. No doubt, Yaccarino will person much to opportunity astir it astatine nan proceeding connected Jan. 31.

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