WTF was that 'Death Stranding 2' trailer

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All hail debased framework complaint puppet man.

Death Stranding has ever been a unusual and surreal video crippled but during nan latest look of its sequel, Death Stranding 2: On nan Beach, Kojima and co. person amped nan weird to 11.

The first look was nan person to Sony's Playstation State of Play livestream that took spot connected Wednesday, which featured different games for illustration Metro: Awakening and nan Silent Hill 2 remake. None of that, however, could apical what Kojima cooked up for his latest game, a sequel to nan critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic transportation simulator Death Stranding.

In this 9-minute announcement trailer, we've learned that Norman Reedus' Sam Porter Bridges is backmost connected a caller travel astir nan world to link nan globe lest humanity look extinction. Among galore of nan dreamlike visuals connected connection during nan trailer, there's BB spitting a flying vessel retired of its mouth, Troy Baker's Higgs arsenic an Eric Draven-inspired robot samurai, and ohio yeah, nan debased framework complaint talking puppet.

No, I did not make immoderate of this crap up. Yes, it's still a stepping simulator. There's nary merchandise day yet, but do yourself a favour and spell watch nan trailer for Death Stranding 2: On nan Beach correct now.

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