We spent a week with this bendable gaming monitor and it's awesome

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Corsair’s Xeneon Flex is dissimilar immoderate different curved show we've seen before.

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When I group retired to reappraisal Corsair’s Xeneon Flex, I wasn’t judge what to expect. I’ve utilized curved monitors before, but nan expertise to modulation from level to flex and back? That had maine intrigued, but — arsenic personification who is comparatively caller to nan world of outer monitors — I wasn’t convinced that nan novelty of having a show that could flex to an 800r radius would make nan $1,999 value tag worthy it. 

First impressions of nan Corsair Xeneon Flex 

Straight away, this show blew maine away. I expected to hook it up, play pinch nan curve a bit, tally a mates of videos done it, and effort pushing nan framework rate. But erstwhile I plugged it into my gaming PC for nan first clip and saw nan sheet ray up, I was wholly floored.

hand grabbing show grip to crook nan screen

Look astatine that curve. Credit: RJ Andersen / Mashable

For context, I’ve seen a batch of good-looking 4K OLED displays successful nan past, but nan Xeneon Flex boasts an unreal 1.5M to 1 opposition ratio. I’ve ne'er seen thing for illustration it successful person, and nan colors are truthful incredibly vibrant that pairing it pinch nan ultra-wide 4K solution almost plays tricks connected your brain. When nan image is still, nan Xeneon Flex stops reference “monitor” to maine and alternatively sounds “high-quality print” owed to nan cleanliness of nan lines, nan vibrancy of nan colors, and nan precocious pixel density. When nan video originates again, my encephalon almost takes a 2nd to recalibrate, making nan full point a phenomenal experience. 

What I emotion astir nan Corsair Xeneon Flex monitor

There’s truthful overmuch to emotion astir Corsair’s Xeneon Flex. In person, these colors are dissimilar immoderate show I’ve seen before. They are vibrant, they are accurate, and they person an highly heavy opposition ratio. I could decidedly spot folks doing creation activity aliases editing videos professionally connected a show for illustration this, but I’d almost beryllium worried that reality would ray successful comparison. 

side by broadside of crippled connected curved show and level monitor

Games look unthinkable wether nan show is curved aliases flat. Credit: RJ Andersen / Mashable

The 240 Hz refresh complaint creates a buttery soft experience, truthful overmuch truthful that I moreover had problem pushing my gaming rig this difficult — moreover connected my Nvidia RTX 3090. For games that require accelerated guidance times, this show should ne'er beryllium a bottleneck.

Plus, nan 45-inch wraparound curve puts you wrong your favourite games, but snapping it backmost to its level predisposition gives you an attractive, minimal show that’s awesome for viewing movies successful 4K. I loved locking nan show into its 800r curved predisposition to play done a fewer video games for illustration Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hitman 3, some beautiful games, but this show took those visuals to a caller level. 

wide show successful level position pinch surface turned off

This show looks sleek and nan 45-inch surface is insanely impressive. Credit: RJ Andersen / Mashable

What I don’t emotion astir this monitor

Honestly, there’s not overmuch I tin knock here. Curving this show for nan first clip was stressful, and each small heart successful my assemblage screamed, “No, don’t break nan costly monitor!” However, erstwhile I figured retired nan correct magnitude of unit needed — and that adding a manus to nan guidelines to stabilize helps make flexing nan show easier — that became a non-issue. 

I will opportunity that nan default colour floor plan connected nan Flex is odd. It’s excessively cool and everything has a bluish hue to it. However, erstwhile I pulled up nan image settings and conscionable reset nan RGB values to 100 (the raw, afloat sheet power) nan image was great. It amazed maine but nan sheet itself was perfectly tuned retired of nan box, and I’m unsure why Corsair felt nan request to alteration this.

Is it worthy nan price?

It’s intolerable for maine to urge a show this costly for nan mean consumer, truthful if you’re conscionable watching movies, casually gaming, aliases checking emails, you’ll astir apt want to skip this 1 and opt for thing pinch a little value tag and a little aggravated refresh rate.

That being said, if you’re a hardcore show enthusiast — aliases a gamer who really values a perfect, vibrant, and insanely gorgeous show — Corsair’s Xeneon Flex is nan afloat package, truthful overmuch truthful that I’m presently trying to fig retired really to prevention up for 1 myself.

I discovered nan Xeneon Flex while researching curved monitors, particularly those pinch tight curvatures aliases absorbing features. The Flex satisfied some of those criteria, truthful I plugged it into my superior media PC (powered by an Nvidia RTX 3090) and tried to push it to its limit for a week. 

Some different factors I’ve taken into account:

  • Appearance: The minimal, well-machined aluminum chassis for this show is gorgeous. Nothing to kick astir here.

  • Display Quality: This is nan champion show sheet I’ve seen yet. The 4K ultra-wide, ultra-high opposition show pinch a blazing accelerated refresh rate... I'm not judge really Corsair could person done better. And considering it’s 45 inches across, I really can’t opportunity capable astir really large and beautiful this show is. 

  • Price Point: Compared to different 45-inch 4K WQHD monitors, Corsair is firmly connected nan precocious extremity of nan marketplace astatine $1,999, but fixed really feature-packed this show is nan luxury value tag is understandable. 

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