Watch 'SNL' sing a love song about the 'Dune: Part Two' popcorn bucket

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“Eating popcorn retired of my bucket, past I return it location and f*ck it.”

After an onslaught of memes astir nan fishy creation of nan Dune: Part Two popcorn bucket, Saturday Night Live wrote a opus astir it.

In a classical bait and switch, Marcello Hernández played a "gentle" teenage boy fresh to suffer his virginity to his classmate played by big Ayo Edebiri. But aft he breaks retired into song, it becomes clear that he's really readying connected spending immoderate value clip pinch nan popcorn bucket's spiky hole.

Edebiri joins successful and comes retired to her parents arsenic a popcorn bucket person via song. The sketch ends pinch nan brace sitting down successful a movie theatre and belting out, "Eating popcorn retired of my bucket, past I return it location and fuck it."

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