Vision Pro apps are now visible on Apple's App Store website

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The Vision Pro's charismatic debut is conscionable hours away, truthful Apple updated nan App Store website to bespeak that.

As noted by MacRumors, nan web type of nan App Store now showcases Vision Pro compatibility for apps that support nan caller headset.

If you want to find retired whether aliases not an app supports Vision Pro aliases moreover seen what nan app looks for illustration connected Vision Pro, you tin caput to nan website and do truthful now.

Zoom connected Apple Vision Pro

Here's Zoom connected nan Vision Pro. Credit: Zoom/App Store

For instance, there's a typical Vision Pro type of Zoom pinch a bunch of features unsocial to that device. If you want to spot really Zoom looks done nan lens of a Vision Pro, location are now immoderate images connected its App Store page.

This isn't a revolutionary, monolithic change, but it does make nan impending merchandise of Apple's $3,500 headset consciousness each nan much real.

Perhaps this is nan opening of nan early of computing — aliases possibly this will beryllium Apple's biggest nonaccomplishment yet.

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