Universal Music Group turns to Spotify after pulling catalogue from TikTok

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The TikTok-ification of Spotify is almost complete. First Spotify pivoted to video. Now Universal Music Group (UMG) is expanding its business pinch nan euphony streaming elephantine to compensate for pulling its euphony from TikTok.

Spotify and UMG announced that Spotify will springiness UMG artists entree to caller promotional and societal tools. In a property merchandise Daniel Ek, nan CEO of Spotify, said, "The forthcoming features will put much powerfulness successful nan hands of artists and their teams to thief them authentically definitive themselves, efficiently beforehand their work, and amended monetize their art."

While Spotify has yet to specify what these devices look like, they will apt return nan shape of much video contented connected nan level arsenic nan business besides gives Spotify support to administer Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) euphony videos.

Spotify's move to video already frustrated users, and UMG's caller reliance connected nan level for creator promo will apt exacerbate nan problem. Like astir each societal media platforms, Spotify continues to stray further from what users emotion successful bid to beryllium its very ain TikTok — and this business won't help.

At nan extremity of January, UMG pulled its catalog from TikTok aft negotiations to renew their statement collapsed down betwixt nan euphony corp and nan societal media platform. In an unfastened letter, UMG identified "appropriate compensation for our artists and songwriters, protecting quality artists from nan harmful effects of AI, and online information for TikTok's users" arsenic 3 cardinal issues TikTok neglected to address. In February, UMG removed each songs controlled by UMPG, which includes immoderate opus that a UMG signed-artist wrote aliases co-wrote.

In a property release, Sir Lucian Grainge, president and CEO of UMG said, "Spotify has been a committed partner successful creating devices that thief maximize attribution and adjacent salary for artists and songwriters," contempt artists reportedly earning a fraction of 1 cent per stream connected Spotify.

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