Twitch streamers can now simulcast on any live streaming service

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Twitch announced Oct. 20 that it's expanding its simulcasting argumentation to see each unrecorded streaming platforms. That intends location are now a ton of caller places to drawback your favourite streaming creators.

The announcement comes arsenic portion of TwitchCon 2023, wherever Twitch besides announced caller information guidelines for illustration adding swatting and doxxing to its Off-Service Conduct Policy and allowing streamers to nonstop anonymous warnings to chatters.

Twitch had already updated its simulcasting guidelines successful August of 2023, erstwhile it allowed simulcasting connected mobile services for illustration TikTok and Instagram. This argumentation alteration opens streamers up to different web-based platforms, including Twitch competitors for illustration YouTube and Kick. (The second has precocious signed deals pinch salient streamers for illustration xQc, Amouranth, and Nickmercs.)

The caller simulcasting argumentation still comes pinch its ain guidelines. First and foremost, if a streamer has an exclusivity statement pinch Twitch, they will not beryllium allowed to simulcast to different platforms. Elsewhere, nan caller guidelines require that nan Twitch users' acquisition of a simulcast is "at a minimum, nary little than nan acquisition connected different platforms aliases services." This intends nan streamer must prosecute pinch nan Twitch organization arsenic much, aliases more, than pinch nan different non-Twitch users watching, arsenic good arsenic not shrink aliases degrade nan Twitch stream's video quality.

Under nan caller simulcasting guidelines, streamers besides can't supply links to their simulcast connected different services during a stream. This norm only applies to streams and Twitch chats — streamers tin still bespeak wherever they'll beryllium simulcasting successful nan "About" conception of their channel. Finally, streamers can't usage "third-party services that harvester activity from different platforms aliases services," for illustration merging chats. The streamer can, however, usage 3rd statement devices for individual usage only.

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