Top streaming deals this week: Get a free month of Paramount+ ahead of the Grammys on Sunday

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Plus, really to get six months of Starz for conscionable $20.

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Whether you're looking for savings connected Max, Hulu, Netflix, and more, we've sewage you covered. Credit: Getty Images / Nanci Santos

UPDATE: Feb. 1, 2024, 5:00 a.m. EST This station has been updated pinch nan latest streaming deals and streaming work bundles, including an extended free proceedings connected Paramount+ pinch Showtime.

Best streaming deals this week:

Best Netflix deal

One twelvemonth of Netflix

Free for Verizon customers who motion up for a +play yearly subscription (save $185)

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hulu logo

Best recreation and streaming woody combo

peacock logo

Paramount+ pinch Showtime logo

Best Starz deal


$20 for six months (save $26)

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Streaming services person go a modern taste staple: we build them into our monthly bills alongside rent and electricity. However, location are ever loopholes to get retired of paying afloat value for nan apical apps. If you've had your oculus connected a peculiar streaming service, spot if this week's champion streaming deals are nan inducement you've been waiting for.

Our apical pick

Why we for illustration it

February has 2 awesome intermezo events: nan Grammys connected February 4, and football's biggest crippled of nan year connected Feb. 11. Paramount+ will person you covered for both, positive each of nan shows and movies you tin find connected Showtime, from nan recently-released The Woman In nan Wall to nan Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone-led The Curse. Usually, you'd person to salary $11.99 per period for a subscription to Paramount+ pinch Showtime, but for a constricted time, you tin usage nan codification JUNE to get each of nan above, free for 30 days.

Best Netflix deal

Why we for illustration it

Netflix will officially beryllium axing their cheapest ad-free (aka their astir affordable) subscription plan. Though location are nary specifications connected if aliases erstwhile this will impact U.S. users, folks successful nan UK and Canada will nary longer beryllium capable to entree nan scheme successful nan 2nd 4th of this year.

Mashable Deals

So really do you get astir what is fundamentally a value raise? Go for nan deals. Though Netflix's are rare, if you're a Verizon customer, you're successful luck. Through +play, (which comes astatine nary further cost), erstwhile you bargain 1 valid seasonal aliases yearly subscription, you get Netflix Premium for a year, cost-free. That's a twelvemonth of Netflix's highest plan, which usually clocks successful astatine $22.99 per month. You tin besides bundle Netflix Premium and Starz for $25.99 per month, redeeming you $6.99 per period (or $83.88 annually).

More streaming deals and bundles

Amazon Prime Video

  • Try it pinch a 30-day free trial


  • No existent standalone deals, but effort it pinch a seven-day free trial

Apple TV+

Curiosity Stream

  • No existent standalone deals

DirecTV Stream

  • Get three free months of Max, Paramount+ pinch Showtime, Starz, MGM+, and Cinemax pinch acquisition of an Entertainment, Choice, aliases Ultimate package (save $161.97)

  • Get DirecTV Sports Pack free for 2 months and prevention $25 per period pinch a Choice aliases Ultimate Plan (save $50)

  • Get $200 successful Visa Reward cards erstwhile you motion up for 2 years of a Choice package aliases higher, aliases get $100 successful Visa Reward cards pinch an Entertainment package



  • No existent standalone deals, but effort it for free pinch a seven-day trial


  • Try it pinch a seven-day free trial

  • New subscribers get 30 days free of FuboTV Pro if you're a My Best Buy Plus aliases Total personnel (save $74.99)




  • Get six free months erstwhile you bargain a Fire TV instrumentality astatine Amazon

  • Try for free pinch a seven-day trial


  • Verizon customers can get a twelvemonth of Netflix for free erstwhile they acquisition prime yearly subscriptions done +play

  • Verizon customers pinch myPlan tin adhd a Netflix and Max bundle (with ads) for $10 per period (save $6.99 per month)

  • T-Mobile customers pinch Go5G and Go5G Plus plans tin prevention betwixt $9.99 and $15.49/month connected Netflix Basic aliases Standard while you support astatine slightest 2 qualifying lines

NFL Sunday Ticket

  • No existent standalone deals.

Paramount+ pinch Showtime



  • No existent standalone deals, but effort it pinch a seven-day free trial

Sling TV

  • Get 50% disconnected your first period of Sling Orange, Sling Blue, aliases Sling Orange & Blue



  • No existent standalone deals.

YouTube TV

  • New users tin fastener successful their first 3 months of nan YouTube TV Base Plan for conscionable $62.99 alternatively of $72.99 (save $30)

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