Tons of Echo devices are on sale at Amazon right now

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Save $60 connected an Echo Show 8.

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UP TO 40% OFF: As of Feb. 5, you tin people up to 40% off prime Echo devices, including nan Echo Show 8.

Looking for a caller smart speaker? Amazon's offering up to 40% disconnected Echo devices, making it nan cleanable clip to upgrade your location audio system.

Here are our apical picks from nan sale:

Best Echo woody overall

Why we for illustration it

The Echo Show 8 (3rd gen, 2023 release) is our apical prime for nan champion wide Echo deal. With nan 40% discount, it's affordable, packed pinch features, and makes a awesome summation to immoderate smart location setup — particularly if you bask video chatting pinch friends and family aliases cooking on pinch look tutorials.

It has an eight-inch HD display, powerful speakers, and a built-in 13 MP camera. Stream your favorites connected Netflix, Prime Video, and more, aliases video telephone your loved ones pinch a touch of a button. Plus, it tin show your favourite photos aliases enactment arsenic a integer timepiece erstwhile it's not successful use.

Best runner-up Echo deal

Why we for illustration it

If you don't request nan screen, nan Amazon Echo Dot (5th gen, pinch clock) is simply a coagulated runner-up option. It's compact, affordable, and still offers nan convenience of Alexa sound control.

Its built-in LED show lets you easy spot nan time, weather, aliases opus titles without asking Alexa. And since it's equipped pinch a clock, it's cleanable for your chamber nightstand aliases agency desk.

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Best fund Echo deal

Why we for illustration it

If you're connected a budget, nan Amazon Echo Pop is nan cheapest Echo instrumentality available. It comes successful respective colors, including lavender bloom and midnight teal, adding a nosy popular of colour to your location aliases office. The Echo Pop whitethorn not person each nan fancy features of its much costly counterparts, but it still delivers reliable sound power and entree to Alexa's wide scope of skills and abilities.

You tin besides link it to smart location devices and usage your sound to power your lights, thermostat, and more.

More Echo deals:

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