Tim Cook says big Apple AI announcement is coming later this year

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It could travel alongside iOS 18.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

We're "incredibly excited" astir AI, said Cook. Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Apple is almost fresh to show america what it tin do successful nan artificial intelligence space.

During Apple's net telephone connected Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that nan institution will make an AI announcement sometime successful 2024.

“As we look ahead, we will proceed to put successful these and different technologies that style our future. That includes AI, wherever we proceed to walk a tremendous magnitude of clip and effort and we’re excited to stock specifications of our ongoing activity successful that abstraction later this year," said Cook.

As is emblematic of Cook, who is ever highly observant not to unveil thing successful advance, almost each specifications were absent. But he did corroborate he's talking astir generative AI, champion known to astir folks done OpenAI's super-smart assistant, ChatGPT.

“Let maine conscionable opportunity that I deliberation there’s a immense opportunity for Apple pinch generative AI and pinch AI, without getting into galore much specifications aliases getting retired up of myself," said Cook.

Cook's remarks seemingly corroborate Bloomberg's caller report, which claimed that nan company's upcoming iOS 18 will beryllium 1 of nan biggest iOS updates successful nan company's history. The update, which will apt beryllium announced during Apple's WWDC convention successful June, will reportedly see a smarter Siri, arsenic good arsenic much AI integration into basal iOS features including Messages and Apple Music.

Cook's announcement besides comes connected nan eve of an incredibly important merchandise motorboat for Apple. The company's first spatial computer, nan $3,499 Vision Pro, launches connected Friday. The VR/AR headset comes pinch immoderate AI features; for example, Personas – nan virtualized versions of headset's wearers – are created utilizing AI models. But immoderate analysts judge that nan Vision Pro will people Apple's biggest Apple push into AI yet, which will yet see a abstracted AI App Store.

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