This $930 eBike can ride up to 50 miles on one battery

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TL;DR: Through February 4, get nan BirdBike eBike for only $929.97 — that's 59% off.

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift that helps your loved 1 footwear their twelvemonth into a caller gear? How astir a budget-friendly eBike pinch a max region of 50 miles connected pedal assistance mode? The BirdBike is simply a sleek, powerful e-Bike pinch a 500W centrifugal and a max velocity of 20 miles per hour. And alternatively of paying $2,299, you tin get 1 of these awesome eBikes for conscionable $929.97. 

Get an e-Bike for nether $1,000

The BirdBike is simply a commuter, mountain, and electrical bike, This e-Bike could beryllium a nosy fresh for outdoor athletes, commuters, aliases anyone who wants to thrust up to 50 miles connected a azygous battery. That's successful pedal assistance mode, but you could spell up to 20 miles utilizing only nan 500W motor. The precocious c thrust train helps support your thrust smooth, moreover connected unsmooth roads, and you don't person to interest astir a chain. The BirdBike artillery tin complaint while it's connected nan motorcycle aliases off. 

Powering up a elevation and request a small help? The instant e-Boost is built into nan handlebar throttle and gives you a speedy burst of speed. And you won't person to interest overmuch astir it getting stolen, arsenic this 1 comes pinch its ain siren system. Activate and deactivate done nan app unless you want to perceive a 120-decibel alarm. 

Zip astir municipality and get immoderate caller air

Whether you're shopping for a hard-core rider, a rhythm commuter, aliases personification who conscionable wants to get retired more, this Valentine's Day coming could beryllium nan answer. 

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February 4 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT is nan deadline to get nan BirdBike eBike (A-Frame/Stealth Black) for conscionable $929.97. No coupon needed. 

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