The Kobo Elipsa 2E, our favorite ebook reader for taking notes, is $50 off

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As overmuch arsenic I for illustration beingness books, I’m readying a move and considering consolidating my postulation to make that process much painless. You mightiness beryllium successful nan aforesaid boat, aliases possibly you want a much convenient measurement to sound retired your beefy reference database for nan caller year. If that sounds for illustration you, you mightiness want to see nan Kobo Elipsa 2E, which is presently on waste for $349.99 ($50 off) nonstop from Rakuten Kobo.

In summation to reference ebooks connected its ample E Ink display, you tin usage nan ad-free Elipsa 2E to return notes utilizing nan included stylus. In fact, we see it nan best ebook reader you tin bargain for that intent — 1 that’s moreover amended than nan Kindle Scribe fixed you tin constitute straight connected immoderate page successful immoderate book. (The Scribe only supports on-page notes for prime Kindle titles, though its functionality is improving pinch time.)

Additionally, Kobo’s 10.3-inch e-reader has handwriting nickname that converts your notes into modular matter pinch 1 tap. Combine that pinch its expertise to observe and lick mathematics equations and its support for drawings and diagrams, and it could guidelines successful for a accepted notepad. It comes pinch 32GB of storage, too, which should beryllium capable to shop nan largest of integer libraries. The only awesome downside is that it doesn’t support Kindle books natively, though location are viable remedies for those who want to person their collection.

The Kobo Elipsa 2E is an ad-free 10.3-inch e-reader you tin constitute connected pinch nan included stylus. It offers a full big of useful features, for illustration nan expertise to person handwriting to typed matter and a awesome action of pen types.

We’ve ever praised Zendure’s ultra-high-capacity powerfulness stations for their durability, reliability, and style, particularly nan 100W SuperTank Pro. But not everyone needs a full powerfulness grid to fulfill their portable charging needs, and that’s wherever Zendure’s SuperMini 10,000mAh charger comes in. First of all, it’s difficult to walk connected nan spot of this woody alone. Amazon is offering nan achromatic type for $29.99 (25 percent off), but you tin clip an on-page coupon to return different 50 percent off, dropping it to conscionable $14.99. The aforesaid coupon applies to different colors astatine Amazon arsenic well, but those commencement astatine $45.99.

Zendure’s metal-clad portable charger is ray and mini capable to fresh successful roomier pockets, and it supports passthrough charging astatine rates up to 20W via its lone USB-C larboard (there’s besides a USB-A larboard pinch Quick Charge 3.0). The biggest smartphones person batteries upward of 5,000mAh, truthful you should beryllium capable to compression retired astatine slightest 2 charges sloppy of which exemplary you own. It tin besides refill a tablet’s artillery astatine a decent rate, positive cameras, smartwatches, a Nintendo Switch, aliases immoderate different electronics you tin complaint complete USB.

Zendure’s ultra-portable 10,000mAh charger has 20W throughput to quickly complaint astir devices aggregate times over. It has USB-C Power Delivery pinch passthrough charging, positive a USB-A larboard pinch Quick Charge 3.0 for bully measure.

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  • The Eve Energy Matter Smart Plug is 1 of our apical picks erstwhile it comes to nan best smart plugs owed to a bevy of precocious energy-monitoring capabilities and early Matter-over-Thread support. It’s pricier than nan mean smart plug astatine $39.95, sure, but Amazon is presently offering it for $29.96 (about $10 off). If you want aggregate plugs, nan existent woody saves you astir $15 complete buying a two-pack.
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