The best robot lawn mowers for lazy gardeners

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For some, mowing nan lawn is simply a leisurely pastime. For astir of us, however, that's not nan case. Or nan section for that matter. Mowing nan section sucks.

If you autumn into that second camp, a robot section mower whitethorn beryllium nan answer. It's a worthwhile finance that will make cutting nan writer a wholly relaxing experience. Think of robot vacuums, for illustration nan ever-popular Roomba, but for nan garden.

Deciding to put successful a robot section mower is easy. But choosing nan correct exemplary for you is simply a occupation arsenic arduous arsenic pushing a petrol mower up an particularly steep plot path. That’s why we’re present to help. Here’s immoderate need-to-know robot mower info.

How do robot section mowers work?

Robot mowers are battery-powered and, for nan astir part, tally automatically based connected a pre-programmed schedule, which nan personification sets up via an app. When they're not running, they beryllium safely docked successful a charging larboard plugged into an outdoor outlet.

When it's clip to mow, they trim your writer to a predetermined tallness and make writer clippings truthful good that they fundamentally go mulch. Whereas you’d return a accepted mower to nan section erstwhile nan writer gets a spot long, a robotic mower will usually tally regular to trim conscionable nan apical of your section and support it astatine a group level. The cutting tallness options whitethorn alteration exemplary to model.

How do robot section mowers cognize wherever to cut?

Robot mowers study wherever to mow based connected a perimeter wire, which you'll laic astir nan edges of your section to shape a boundary. It’s for illustration an invisible forcefield that nan mower automatically detects. Setting up your perimeter ligament tin beryllium a spot of a headache. In fact, nan mostly of antagonistic personification reviews impact nan perimeter ligament successful immoderate way. The companies featured successful this roundup connection reasonably broad installation guides connected YouTube successful summation to nan instructions successful nan package.

Robot mowers are an illustration of reasonably caller exertion successful nan expansive strategy of things, truthful nan class still has a fewer kinks to activity out. It's possible, for instance, that nan mower will miss a spot aliases 2 and you'll request to spell backmost complete it pinch immoderate clippers.

What features do robot section mowers offer?

Consider astatine slightest 3 basal categories: plot size, hills, and budget. The mowers connected this database are mostly amended suited to gardens nether 1 acre. Each mower besides lists nan maximum incline it's capable to climb while still achieving a successful cut. In general, you'll salary much if you want much crushed covered and higher hills climbed.

Other things to support successful mind see integrated rainfall sensors, companion app quality, upwind resistance, and GPS, which are addressed successful nan recommendations below. You mightiness besides want to see nan expertise to navigate constrictive passages, set to upwind conditions, aliases nan expertise to trim to nan edges aliases astir tricky areas.

What is nan champion robot section mower?

That will dangle connected your plot and farming requirements. The determination has to beryllium yours, but we urge checking retired this action of awesome models from apical brands for illustration Flymo, Bosch, and Worx.

These are nan champion robot section mowers successful 2024.

Flymo EasiLife 500 GO

Amazon Prime

The Flymo EasiLife 500 GO isn't nan astir costly action connected nan market, but that doesn't mean it cuts corners erstwhile it comes to performance. It cuts nan writer efficaciously and reliably and comes packed pinch features. 

It's built for mean sized gardens, cutting lawns up to 500 quadrate metres, and finds its measurement astir gardens of immoderate shape. It cuts each area of nan section and tin moreover navigate constrictive passages and bumpy terrain.

Included pinch nan mower are nan charging station, bound wires, connectors, and different bits and pieces. As acold arsenic programming and controlling nan mower, it's each done via nan EasiLife app. Some reviewers opportunity it's a spot tricky to group up astatine first, but it should beryllium easy-breezy from that constituent on.

There are immoderate cool features. The mowers returns to its charging guidelines automatically, on pinch options for 2nd area and spot cutting. It besides adapts to upwind conditions, which yet protects your lawn. 

Grass clippings, meanwhile, are truthful mini that they vanish backmost into your section and enactment arsenic a earthy fertiliser. It's information conscious too: If you assistance and tilt nan mower, nan blades automatically stop.

LawnMaster VBRM16 OcuMow

Small plot and smaller budget? The LawnMaster VBRM16 is simply a tidy small instrumentality that's sewage mostly rave reviews connected Amazon.

The awesome point astir this robot section mower is nan simplicity. You don't moreover request to group up a bound wire. Instead, it uses a writer nickname camera and ultrasonic sensors. It will find its measurement astir immoderate mini plot pinch borders (any section bordered by paving slabs, gravel, aliases a fence, for instance). If nan borders of your section aren't intelligibly defined, it mightiness struggle, and immoderate reviewers person noted that it tin get confused by shadows aliases stepping stones.

It cuts successful a random shape complete 4 hours. If location are immoderate untidy areas afterwards, you tin usage nan spot cutting function, which concentrates connected 1 area successful a spiral motion. Clippings driblet backmost retired to provender nan lawn.

While nan LawnMaster doesn't person automatic self-charging — there's nary charging dock to which nan mower returns of its ain accord, for illustration pinch different models — it has a "drop and mow" action instead. Just complaint nan artillery past driblet nan robo-mower connected nan lawn. It gets to activity consecutive away.

WORX Landroid WR155E

Amazon Prime

If you person a ample garden, nan WORX Landroid WR155E has you covered. This 1 performs its farming duties — covering an awesome area — pinch zero fuss and effort connected your part. It runs smoothly and softly and gets nan occupation done. That's why WORX are 1 of nan apical robot lawnmower brands. 

It's controlled by an app that Landroid fans complaint for being streamlined and simple-to-use. You tin program, schedule, and observe your mower from indoors, peering done nan blinds arsenic you relax. WORX boasts that it's nan astir agile and businesslike robo-mower connected nan market.

The app besides features an intelligent robotic writer attraction system. This adapts to various conditions that impact writer growth, specified arsenic rainfall and temperature. 

The Landroid itself is beautiful smart, too. It cuts arsenic adjacent to nan section edges arsenic imaginable and has a self-levelling cutting deck, which adjusts to bumps connected nan lawn, ensuring nan cutting occupation is even. AI navigation exertion keeps nan Landroid connected route, moreover done tricky passages. 

As an added bonus, you tin really customise this Landroid. WORX offers add-on features (sold separately, of course), specified arsenic a GPS tracker, an anti collision, aliases sound control.

Bosch Indego S+ 500 robot section mower

Amazon Prime

The Bosch Indego S+ 500 robot mower is an easy and convenient instrumentality that useful connected areas of mean sized gardens, each utilizing nan Bosch Smart Gardening app. It tin besides beryllium controlled done Amazon Alexa aliases Google Assistant.

The Indego S+ 500 navigates astir obstacles and returns automatically to its complaint station. It calculates an businesslike way done nan plot utilizing LogiCut technology, mowing successful systematic parallel lanes. There’s different tech onboard, specified arsenic BorderCut, which ensures each mow originates astatine nan borders for guaranteed neat edges. It tin besides retrieve up to 3 section spaces.

Other useful features see obstacle detection, section upwind analysis, and nan expertise to find its measurement done constrictive passages without bound wires.

This mower will besides person free over-the-air package updates passim nan year, making judge that capacity stays strong. And you can't really spell incorrect pinch Bosch. The marque is simply a favourite — good known for its reliable tools.

Gardena SILENO life robot section mower

Amazon Prime

The Gardena SILENO life is from a scope of precocious robot mowers by nan trusty farming brand. Not only that, it’s 1 of nan quietest robot mowers available, meaning you tin virtually relax successful nan plot while it goes to work.

The SILENO life is powered by LONA Intelligence, an AI-based exertion that learns nan layout of your plot and creates a map. You tin past power nan mower’s actions successful nan various zones utilizing a Bluetooth-connected smart app. 

The tech besides steers nan SILENO astir nan plot pinch precision and efficiency. Other showy features see CorridorCut (for constrictive passages), SpotCutting (spiral cutting successful hard-to-cut places, specified arsenic nether trampolines), and SensorControl (which adjusts mowing clip based connected writer growth).

It's particularly worthy nan money if you person a ample garden, and it will header pinch uneven aliases hilly crushed acknowledgment to a powerful rear-wheel drive. If nan price, however, is excessively steep — aliases you don't person a ample plot — Gardena offers different options, specified arsenic nan SILENO city aliases SILENO minimo.

Einhell FREELEXO robot lawnmower

The Einhell FREELEXO is neither nan cheapest nor nan astir precocious robot lawnmower connected this list, but for sheer pound-for-pound value, it comes good recommended. It's a budget-priced all-rounder.

Despite nan lower-end value tag, it has beautiful overmuch everything you want from nan convenience of a robot lawnmower. It comes pinch a charging position and returns to complaint automatically (in fact, it's from Einhell's scope of Power X-Change tools, truthful nan 18V artillery is compatible pinch immoderate different Power X-Change tool). The FREELEXO besides comes pinch bound wires.

The mower is controlled via an LCD show aliases Bluetooth. It comes equipped pinch nan pre-set schedules, you tin group it to mow erstwhile and really you like.

There's multi-area mowing, which intends it tin grip much analyzable plot layouts while navigating its measurement astir obstacles utilizing a information sensor system. You tin besides programme it to return to nan charging position erstwhile it rains (it has sensors for rainfall too) though it's perfectly tin of mowing successful nan rain.

LawnMaster L10 robot lawnmower

It's different exemplary from LawnMaster, but this 1 is bigger successful scope — successful some nan existent plot sum and function.

The LawnMaster L10 comes pinch a bound ligament and charging station, and — dissimilar nan cheaper LawnMaster connected this database — returns to complaint automatically. LawnMaster boasts that installation is easy, truthful there's nary tricky set-up.

There's nary app pinch this machine. Instead, it's controlled via a pin-protected keypad (that intends nary 1 other tin group it do immoderate unauthorised mowing) while sensory exertion to backmost distant from obstacles successful nan garden. It's weatherproof too, and automatically returns to its charging position successful dense rain, which will yet protect your garden.

It's not nan astir precocious robo-mower connected this list, but nan precocious complaint of affirmative reviews connected Amazon speaks for itself. Some reviewers person said that they still request to springiness nan edges of nan section a strim each now and then. Overall, this is simply a mid-range action that delivers a reliable capacity and faff-free operation.

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