The Apple Watch Series 9 is $100 off and just $10 away from its lowest ever price

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The woody only applies to nan pinkish type of nan smartwatch.

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$100 disconnected is 1 of nan champion deals we've seen connected nan Series 9. Credit: Apple

Save $100: The 41mm Apple Watch Series 9 pinch GPS is conscionable $299 astatine Amazon and Walmart arsenic of Feb. 5. This smartwatch is $399 astatine afloat price, netting you a 25% discount.

Valentine's Day is conscionable astir nan corner, and nan seasonally due pinkish Apple Watch knows it.

We've seen this watch hovering astir $309 for astir nan past week, but arsenic of Feb. 5, it's yet dipped (just) beneath $300. If you're okay pinch nan pinkish colorway, you tin drawback nan 41mm Apple Watch Series 9 pinch GPS for conscionable $299 astatine Amazon and Walmart. This isn't this watch's lowest value ever — that grant belongs to nan $289 woody it deed successful December — but it's still uncommon for nan watch to get this 25% markdown.

The Apple Watch Series 9 had a rocky commencement to nan year. As nan consequence of a patent conflict pinch a aesculapian tech company, Apple removed nan humor oxygen sensor from its watches. This wasn't a caller sensor — on pinch nan bosom complaint show it made up immoderate of nan halfway wellness features of erstwhile watch generations — but it is simply a sound to this watch's wide fittingness capabilities.

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Still, for conscionable $299, you will get a big of features that could make this watch good worthy its discounted price. There's Double Tap, which was introduced for nan Series 9 and allows you to navigate your watch by simply tapping your thumb and forefinger together, alternatively of really rubbing nan watch. There's nan 2,000-nit show that makes this watch overmuch much readable successful nan sunlight (which was 1 of Mashable Senior Editor Stan Schroeder's favourite features of nan smartwatch).

At afloat price, this watch isn't a surefire upgrade for us, but for conscionable $299, it's overmuch easier to make nan case. And if you're not excessively large connected fittingness features successful nan first place, it's decidedly worthy a look — aliases you tin cheque retired nan even much basal Apple Watch SE, which is connected waste for $189 astatine nan clip of writing.

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