The Amazon Echo Frames are under $210 to help take productivity to the max

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Tune successful to music, podcasts, and calls from your glasses.

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Prescription-ready frames. Credit: Amazon

SAVE $60: The prescription-ready Echo Frames pinch smart audio are conscionable $209.99 astatine Amazon, down from nan normal value of $269.99. That's a 22% discount.

We've seen a fewer iterations of smart glasses travel and go, ne'er to heard from again. But each is not lost. Thanks to today's woody astatine Amazon, you tin drawback immoderate stylish glasses frames that travel pinch incredibly useful audio and Alexa features.

As of Feb. 1, nan Echo Frames (prescription ready) are conscionable $209.99 astatine Amazon, down from nan normal value of $269.99. That's a 22% discount aliases a savings of $60. Note that nan frames travel pinch demo lenses and you'll request to return them to an optician to get your medicine lenses added to nan frames.

For anyone who doesn't emotion utilizing headphones aliases earbuds, perceive up. One of nan coolest functions of nan Echo Frames is nan built-in smart audio. From nan Echo Frames, you tin cruise on while playing your favourite playlist, catching up connected podcasts, aliases listening to that ever-growing database of audiobooks. The speakers successful nan Echo Frames are designed to nonstop nan sound into your ears, and your ears only — minimizing nan sound that could leak retired to others astir you. The frames do each of this without blocking your ears, truthful you tin still return successful and pass pinch nan world astir you.

In summation nan streaming audio from nan Echo Frames, you tin besides return calls from nan glasses for a hands-free experience. With continuous media playback, nan glasses enactment charged for up to six hours but that extends to astir 14 hours pinch mean usage passim nan day. It takes astir 2.5 hours to recharge nan frames. Removing and folding nan Echo Frames automatically turns them off.

In position of comfort, nan glasses are designed pinch lightweight worldly and are some sweat and h2o resistant. Amazon mentions your imagination security supplier mightiness connection a reimbursement for nan Echo Frames, which is thing worthy checking successful connected if you person imagination insurance.

Today's woody intends you'll beryllium spending little to springiness your glasses a awesome boost successful functionality pinch nan Echo Frames.

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