The 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers for 2024

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In nan twelvemonth 2024, you can't trust connected your device's built-in speakers for much. Even if you're connected a tight budget, a Bluetooth speaker will importantly up nan value of your listening experience, whether you're hosting a statement aliases listening to a podcast while cooking dinner. And because nan champion Bluetooth speakers are easy to lug around, they're besides awesome for outdoor bent sessions aliases listening to your tunes connected nan spell while traveling.

You mightiness beryllium wondering if it's worthy splurging connected an costly speaker, buying a durable outdoor speaker, aliases if there's a smart speaker that useful good wrong nan existing sound strategy successful your home. Whatever your needs whitethorn be, we've researched and tested nan astir celebrated Bluetooth speakers to travel up pinch our recommendations.

Which marque makes nan champion Bluetooth speakers?

Bose, JBL, Ultimate Ears, Sony, and Sonos thin to beryllium nan astir celebrated Bluetooth speaker brands. It's difficult to opportunity 1 brand's speakers are definitively nan best, particularly because location tin beryllium a assortment successful capacity wrong a brand's lineup. Obviously, you shouldn't expect a $40 speaker to sound nan aforesaid arsenic nan $180 JBL Charge 5, but that doesn't mean you person to rustle retired your fund to get high-quality sound. What we tin opportunity is that these brands thin to beryllium celebrated for a reason.

For our guide, we put together nan standouts from each brand. All of nan speakers we chose connection bully value, portability, smart location compatibility, and durability. Most importantly, they sound fantastic, pinch heavy bass and precocious fidelity.

Keep reference for our guideline to nan champion Bluetooth speakers disposable successful 2024.

Our Pick

a close-up of a personification holding a jbl complaint 5 successful beforehand of a colorful wall

Check retired our afloat reappraisal of nan JBL Charge 5.

Who it's for:

The JBL Charge 5 is nan eventual all-rounder, offering awesome sound value pinch deep-but-balanced bass and an impressively agelong artillery life (up to 20 hours astatine a time) for a reasonable price.

Why we picked this:

The JBL Flip speakers thin to beryllium nan astir celebrated options from nan brand, but here's why we emotion nan Charge 5. For starters, its sanction refers to this speaker's expertise to complaint different mobile devices (via USB-A) moreover erstwhile it's playing music, making it a awesome recreation companion.

The Charge 5 has an IP67 rating, meaning a waterproof and dust-proof creation that's cleanable for taking to nan formation aliases to a excavation party. As a bonus, it besides comes successful a rainbow of nosy colors — drawback 2 of them and alteration their PartyBoost characteristic to bump your tunes passim aggregate rooms aliases spaces. And of course, this speaker wouldn't make our database if it didn't sound good. As Mashable contributor RJ Andersen wrote, "It’s rich, dynamic, and amazingly clear pinch a decent bass that fills nan room without overpowering nan remainder of nan audio."

blue and pinkish eventual ears wonderboom 3 speaker successful nan grass

Amazon Prime

Who it's for:

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is simply a powerhouse for its size and price. It’s nan cleanable size for walking — you tin easy instrumentality it successful your container without it taking up immoderate existent abstraction — and it's rugged capable to strengthen nan bumps and bruises of an progressive lifestyle. Plus, it's not excessively difficult to drawback connected sale, making it an moreover amended value.

Why we picked this:

You tin driblet this mini speaker from heights of up to 5 feet without worrying astir destroying it. It’s besides waterproof pinch an IP67 rating. If you driblet it successful water, it tin float for up to 30 minutes and travel retired nan different broadside moving wholly fine. On apical of that, it features a patient 14 hours of artillery life. The nosy colorways look awesome connected a table and instrumentality retired successful nan soil connected formation day, merging shape and usability nicely.

But nan people of a bully speaker isn’t conscionable really portable it is. What matters astir is nan sound — and again, nan Wonderboom 3 performs. Though it lacks nan clear, heavy bass of larger speakers, we recovered that it noticeably outperformed speakers for illustration nan JBL Clip 4.

At nan bottommost of nan speaker, you'll find an outdoor boost fastener that noticeably ups nan measurement of nan speaker without distorting nan sound. The artillery drains a spot faster successful boost mode, but if you're hosting a backyard party, nan other powerfulness is good worthy it. Other host-friendly features we emotion see nan multipoint relationship that useful seamlessly and nan stereo sound you get by pairing 2 Wonderboom 3 speakers together. (Unfortunately, nan Wonderboom 3 isn't backwards compatible — successful our testing, it wouldn't brace pinch a Wonderboom 2.)

All successful all, it has fantabulous sound for its size and plentifulness of useful features that travel successful useful erstwhile you're taking it connected nan go.

Check retired our reappraisal of nan erstwhile type of this speaker, nan Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2.

a Bose Soundlink Revolve II speaker, sunglasses, and a smartphone connected a sidewalk

Amazon Prime

Who it's for:

Bose has made a sanction pinch its speakers and headphones, and nan Bose SoundLink Revolve II only helps its bully reputation. For folks who are consenting to salary a spot more, but want a situation sound speaker acquisition for listening successful nan location aliases for backyard BBQs, this speaker has you covered.

Why we picked this:

This sleekly designed speaker is portable and offers existent 360-degree situation sound, making for a awesome listening experience. It tin beryllium paired pinch a 2nd speaker for stereo sound aliases integrated into a Bose audio system. 

The speaker is easy to usage and features a built-in mic that tin beryllium utilized to return telephone calls aliases usage your phone’s smart assistant. It besides features a bully artillery life of 13 hours, though its charging cradle ($29.99) must beryllium purchased separately. 

sonos move 2 bluetooth speaker connected a bookshelf

Check retired our afloat reappraisal of nan Sonos Move 2.

Who it's for:

If portability is astatine nan apical of your database erstwhile looking for a Bluetooth speaker, nan Sonos Move 2 mightiness not beryllium for you. As Stan Schroeder writes successful his review, "It sounds fantastic, but it's fundamentally a location speaker that besides happens to beryllium somewhat portable." However, if you want awesome sound, artillery life, and smart features, this could beryllium nan champion Bluetooth speaker for you. It's besides nan champion prime for shoppers who already usage different Sonos products successful their home.

Why we picked this:

We formerly recommended nan original Sonos Move, but we for illustration nan newer type for its newly-added stereo sound and 24 hours of artillery life (as compared to nan original's measly 11).

To beryllium clear, this speaker isn't perfect, but we deliberation nan trade-offs equilibrium out. For instance, you request a 3.5mm to USB-C adapter for line-in playback, but you tin complaint your telephone from nan Move 2's artillery by connecting it pinch a USB-C cable. It isn't very portable for hikes aliases trips to nan beach, but it's easy capable to move from nan room to nan backyard (and has IP56 particulate and water-resistance). It doesn't activity pinch Google Assistant, but it does activity awesome pinch Alexa.

It tin pain done nan artillery life faster astatine higher volumes, but it gets plentifulness large without sacrificing sound clarity.

jbl clip 4 attached to a bluish backpack connected a bench

Amazon Prime

Who it's for:

There are portable speakers, and location are speakers that are genuinely built to beryllium connected nan move pinch you. The JBL Clip 4 isn't conscionable mini and easy to transportation around, but easy to clip connected conscionable astir anything, from a backpack to a loop loop.

Why we picked this:

This is nan eventual portable speaker mini capable to gaffe into fundamentally immoderate bag, but besides gives you a backup scheme pinch nan built-in carabiner. Even though you're getting maximum portability, you're still getting 10 hours of artillery life and an IP67-rated water- and dust-proof speaker that tin beryllium taken on connected astir adventures. When we tested this speaker, we recovered that it reached an awesome volume, but nan sound floor plan tin get a spot muddled nan higher nan measurement gets. Still, for a speaker that's this easy to return along, only $70 (and often connected sale), it still near america impressed.

To find nan champion Bluetooth speakers, we're regularly testing caller products. Most recently, we reviewed and added nan JBL Clip 4 and Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3. Previously, we tested speakers specified arsenic nan Sonos Roam, Sonos Move, JBL Flip 6, and nan Bose SoundLink Flex. As of March 2024, we removed nan JBL Go 2 from our guideline owed to debased availability, and conscionable 1 period aft deeming it our favourite speaker nether $40. Also successful March, we replaced our Sonos Move recommendation pinch nan newer Sonos Move 2. For early updates, we'll beryllium testing retired nan JBL Go 3 as good as more speakers from Sony, Marshall, and Anker Soundcore.

As it stands, nan only speaker connected our database that we haven't hands-on tested is nan Bose Soundlink Revolve II. With each speaker, hands-on tested aliases not, our picks are based connected personification reviews, marque reliability, and spec research. We looked astatine nan durability of nan speakers, nan wide sound quality, and of course, their value-to-feature ratio.

We've pulled nan Bose SoundLink Micro from our database of recommendations arsenic of Jan. 2024. This speaker was primitively released successful 2017, and it's features aren't up to par pinch much caller releases, particularly considering its $119 value tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but it really can't hurt. Even if you're not readying connected taking your speaker retired by nan excavation during nan summer, it's not retired of nan mobility that it could beryllium a target for spills nary matter wherever you person it successful your home. It would beryllium a shame if a rogue solid of h2o ended up being nan demise of your brand-new speaker, truthful if you person nan action to spell waterproof, do it (unless you person your bosom group connected 1 that doesn't person that feature).

When you're shopping for a caller speaker, you're going to spot nan connection "wattage" a lot. While that mightiness beryllium meaningless to you erstwhile you spot it connected a merchandise page, it's really a beautiful elemental concept. Basically, wattage refers to really large your speaker tin get without distorting nan sound. Unless you bask really blasting your tunes aliases you regularly big parties, 50 watts is going to beryllium much than capable for nan mean listener. But if you really for illustration to crank it up to 11, nan much watts, nan merrier. While smaller portable Bluetooth speakers thin to person little wattage, location are surely immoderate exceptions, including immoderate of nan products successful this guide.

We ever opportunity that you should take value complete quantity. Having 1 astonishing speaker is going to get you amended sound than having aggregate speakers that are conscionable okay. For nan immense mostly of people, we deliberation 2 speakers is nan cleanable number. (Just make judge nan speakers tin sync up). Music is usually recorded for a stereo setting, truthful having a near and correct transmission will do wonders for fidelity. And if you person a smaller abstraction pinch bully acoustics, 1 really bully speaker should do nan trick.

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