Taylor Swift wins her fourth Grammy for Album of the Year, makes history

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The grounds was antecedently held by Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder.

US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift accepts nan Album Of The Year grant for "Midnights" connected shape during nan 66th Annual Grammy Awards astatine nan Crypto.com Arena successful Los Angeles connected February 4, 2024.

Credit: VALERIE MACON / AFP via Getty Images

Taylor Swift made history astatine nan 66th Annual Grammy Awards connected Sunday, becoming nan only personification successful nan grant show's history to triumph Album of nan Year 4 times. The erstwhile grounds was jointly held by philharmonic icons Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder.

Announced by Celine Dion, Swift shares her Grammy for Album of nan Year pinch her chap shaper and songwriter Jack Antonoff, arsenic good arsenic engineers/mixers Zem Audu, Bryce Bordone, Serban Ghenea, David Hart, Mikey Freedom Hart, Sean Hutchinson, Ken Lewis, Michael Riddleberger, Laura Sisk, and Evan Smith, and mastering technologist Randy Merrill.

Swift antecedently won nan Grammy for Album of nan twelvemonth pinch Fearless in 2010, 1989 successful 2016, and Folklore successful 2021.

"I would emotion to show you that this is nan champion infinitesimal of my life, but I consciousness this happy erstwhile I decorativeness a song, aliases erstwhile I ace nan codification to a span that I love, aliases that I'm changeable listing a euphony video, aliases erstwhile I'm rehearsing pinch my dancers aliases my band, aliases getting fresh to spell to Tokyo to play a show," Swift said successful her acceptance speech.

"For maine nan grant is nan work. All I want to do is support being capable to do this. I emotion it truthful much, it makes maine truthful happy. It makes maine unbelievably blown distant that it makes immoderate group happy who voted for this grant too. All I want to do is support doing this, truthful convey you truthful overmuch for giving maine nan opportunity to do what I emotion truthful much. Mind blown. Thank you truthful much!"

Swift had already been awarded nan Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album earlier successful nan night, noting successful her acceptance reside that it was her 13th Grammy — famously her fortunate number.

Time's Person of nan Year for 2023 besides took nan opportunity of her earlier triumph to denote her caller medium The Tortured Poets Department, revealing that it would beryllium released Apr. 19. Swift posted nan medium creation to her Instagram relationship erstwhile offstage, which features a achromatic and achromatic photograph of her lying connected a bed.

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