Take $20 off a four-pack of Apple AirTags and never lose your devices again

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SAVE $20: As of Feb. 5, you tin get a four-pack of Apple AirTags for $79 astatine Amazon. That's 20% disconnected nan modular database value of $99.

Are you nan type of personification who would suffer your caput if it wasn't attached to your body? Then Apple AirTags mightiness make your life much easier. These small GPS-tracking devices connect to immoderate point of yours that you want to support way of. Simply sync nan AirTag pinch your iPhone aliases iPad and commencement utilizing nan Find My app to spot your item's location successful real-time. Today's woody marks a awesome clip to get started.

As of today, Feb. 5, you tin get 4 Apple AirTags for conscionable $79 astatine Amazon. That's 20$ (or 20%) disconnected nan regular database value of $99. Last week, this aforesaid bundle was connected waste for 14% off, making today's waste an moreover amended price.

Apple AirTags are h2o and dust-resistant, helping them proceed to do their occupation nary matter wherever your items extremity up. Plus, they're powered by replaceable batteries that past for complete a twelvemonth to springiness you bid of mind.

If you're keen connected search your belongings but not truthful overmuch connected Big Brother search you, don't worry: each activity is encrypted, and nary information gets stored connected your AirTags.

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Score this woody while it's still present and bring a caller consciousness of bid to your life pinch Apple AirTags.

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