'Starfield' and 3 other Xbox exclusives may come to PS5

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The console wars whitethorn officially beryllium over.

OK, that's a small dramatic, but it sounds for illustration Xbox is gearing up to make a awesome displacement successful nan gaming space. According to abstracted reports from Giant Bomb, The Verge, GameFile, and XboxEra released complete nan past fewer weeks, respective high-profile Xbox (and PC) exclusive titles mightiness yet travel to PlayStation 5 and/or Nintendo Switch. The main titles successful mobility are nan already-released Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, and Sea of Thieves, arsenic good arsenic nan upcoming Indiana Jones and nan Great Circle.

Of course, Microsoft hasn't confirmed immoderate of this, and merchandise dates for nan PS5 and Switch (in Hi-Fi Rush's lawsuit only) versions of these games are unknown. However, it seems that this strategy mightiness support immoderate games Xbox-exclusive connected astatine slightest a impermanent basis. The Verge claims that Indiana Jones' play of Xbox exclusivity mightiness beryllium comparatively brief, lasting only months alternatively of a twelvemonth aliases more.

The champion grounds we person of this reported displacement successful exclusivity is immoderate data-mined in-game outfits for Hi-Fi Rush that look awfully adjacent to PlayStation and Nintendo branding.

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That said, wherever there's smoke, there's usually fire. Plus, these are reports from aggregate very reliable sources. This imaginable displacement feels for illustration a earthy improvement of Microsoft's strategy complete nan past respective years, which has seemed to spot much accent connected acquiring big-name IP and driving Game Pass subscriptions than earthy crippled and console income numbers.

In different words, it seems for illustration Microsoft would alternatively get its properties into arsenic galore people's hands arsenic imaginable than adhere to antecedently established exclusivity standards.

Of course, that would people devalue nan Xbox consoles themselves. It will beryllium fascinating to spot if this plays retired arsenic reported and really it affects Microsoft's hardware business going forward.

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