Sorry, Apple Vision Pro! Meta Quest 3 now supports 3D spatial video, too

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Quest 3 steals Vision Pro's radiance pinch 2 caller features.

Apple Vision Pro

Credit: Meta

Stealing nan Vision Pro's thunder, Meta announced connected Thursday that nan Quest 3 headset will support not one, but two new features nan Apple headset boasts.

This comes arsenic Apple Vision Pro headsets officially deed shop shelves connected Friday.

Meta Quest 3 supports 2 caller Vision Pro-esque features

The Quest 3, acknowledgment to nan caller v62 package update, will now support 3D spatial videos created pinch nan iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In different words, you tin now upload your stereoscopic contented to nan Meta Quest mobile app. Next, Meta will person nan video into Quest-compatible playback and nonstop it to your headset.

Meta says that users tin find their spatial video contented by navigating to nan Files menu.

"To springiness you a sensation of what spatial video has to offer, we’ve made demo videos disposable for viewing connected your Meta Quest headset successful nan spatial videos conception of nan Files menu," Meta said in a property release.

In summation to 3D spatial videos, Meta besides announced that, akin to nan Vision Pro, nan Quest 3 will support gamepads for illustration nan PS5 DualSense controller.

This caller package update will rotation retired to users gradually. "If you don’t spot nan v62 update yet, stay calm. It’s connected its measurement and should beryllium successful your virtual hands soon," Meta said.

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