Social media reacts to Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter'

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"i can't explicate it but it sounds for illustration she made station malone ablution earlier recording"

beyonce successful a achromatic cowboy hat

Beyoncé's 'Cowboy Carter' is generating tons of buzz online. Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Since Beyoncé announced a caller album during her Super Bowl commercialized — successful pink feline receptor headphones, nary little — fans person been anticipating Cowboy Carter. Part II of nan singer's trilogy that started pinch 2022's Renaissance finally dropped yesterday, and societal media's reactions didn't disappoint.

First, let's return it from nan album's roots. In Beyoncé's Instagram station astir Cowboy Carter, she mentioned nan medium "was calved retired of an acquisition that I had years agone wherever I did not consciousness welcomed…and it was very clear that I wasn't." Fans person guessed that she's referring to nan 2016 Country Music Association Awards, wherever her capacity of "Daddy's Lessons" pinch The Chicks received racist and sexist backlash.

People said Beyoncé "isn't country" — but this medium proves them wrong:

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Some fans still played nan 2 singles released connected Super Bowl night, "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages":

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Other songs connected nan album, for illustration "Bodyguard," "Levii's Jeans" pinch Post Malone, and nan screen of "Jolene" sparked reactions arsenic well:

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Let's not hide Beyoncé's tribute to Ireland (jk), "Riiverdance":

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Even Vice President Harris posted astir Cowboy Carter, saying Beyoncé inspires america all:

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Fans who aren't successful nan White House are inspired arsenic well:

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And immoderate picked up connected nan very extremity of nan album, erstwhile nan euphony seemed to rev up for a infinitesimal earlier ending connected a final, ringing note.

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What is Beyoncé up to? We'll conscionable person to enactment tuned and find out. For now, we're jamming to Cowboy Carter.

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