Several cordless Dysons are on sale this week because yes, a nice vacuum is a valid Valentine's Day gift

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UPDATE: Feb. 1, 2024, 5:00 a.m. EST This station has been updated pinch nan latest database of Dyson vacuums, air-purifying fans, and refurbished haircare connected waste astatine nan opening of February.

Best Dyson deals this week:

Dyson V15 Detect Extra vacuum pinch metallic extender and greenish laser coming retired of cleaning head

Dyson bladeless instrumentality successful white/silver

Best Dyson hairsbreadth attraction deal

Dyson hairsbreadth dryer successful fuchsia/nickel

The automated convenience of a robot vacuum is undeniably sweet, but for some, a Roomba conscionable can't comparison to nan unreserved aliases attraction to item of manual vacuuming. That's wherever nan iconic cyclonic suction of a Dyson comes successful — and you tin bring it location connected a fund pinch this week's deals connected Dyson vacuums.

Looking for aerial attraction aliases hairsbreadth attraction deals instead? We'll support you posted connected those, too.

Our apical pick

Why we for illustration it

The V15 Detect is nan beastlier type of our favourite Dyson worth vacuum, the V12 Detect Slim. "Detect" signifies nan cleaning caput pinch Dyson's iconic greenish laser that points retired particulate you wouldn't person seen otherwise. Compared to nan V12, nan V15 Detect has a larger dustbin and 240 Air Watts of suction powerfulness versus nan V12's 150. Now that nan V12's discount from past week has disappeared, nan V15 Detect is presently $150 cheaper than its less-powerful sibling.

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This sub-$600 waste value besides looks for illustration a bargain alongside nan $949.99 value tag connected nan V15s Detect Submarine: Dyson's first all-in-one cordless vacuum and mop that's fundamentally nan V15 Detect pinch nan action to switch successful a bedewed roller head. If you're coagulated pinch your Swiffer correct now, opting for nan non-mop V15 Detect saves you almost $400.

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