Score an Apple iPad (10th gen) for over $100 off and get two years of AppleCare+

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Better safe than sorry.

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SAVE $109 AND GET TWO YEARS OF APPLECARE+: Upgrade to nan iPad 10th gen pinch 2 years of AppleCare+ and save $109.01 connected each models.

Best iPad 10th gen deals astatine Amazon

apple ipad 10 gen 64gb

apple ipad 256 gb

Largest retention action pinch cellular

apple ipad 10 gen 256gb cellular

There are 2 kinds of group successful this world: Those who outpouring for nan security (whether it's a rental car, costly jewelry, aliases tech gadgets) and everyone other who says, "It'll astir apt beryllium OK."

Sure, we've each skimped connected nan protection scheme to prevention a fewer bucks. But erstwhile it comes to tech, it's astir apt amended to beryllium safe than sorry. Good news, though: we recovered a woody wherever nan information nett comes built-in.

Amazon's moving a typical promotion connected nan Apple iPad (10th gen), offering 2 years of AppleCare+. Not only that, but each exemplary is connected waste (saving you precisely $109.01 — a unusual and circumstantial amount, but whatever, a deal's a deal).

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The Apple iPad 10th gen features iPad OS, truthful you tin multitask without nan lag astir older tablets have. You tin usage nan Apple Pencil (not included) to scribble notes, annotate documents, aliases edit photos and videos for illustration a pro. And pinch nan A14 Bionic spot and an all-day artillery life, you'll person nan powerfulness to grip immoderate task, whether streaming movies, playing games, aliases moving connected imaginative projects.

This connection applies to each exemplary (64GB, 256GB, and 256GB WiFi + cellular), but prices alteration depending connected color. Double-check nan pricing and readiness of your preferred colour earlier purchasing. (Currently, nan 64GB pinkish action seems nan astir affordable.)

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