Score a Kindle for your kiddo for $40 off in today's limited-time deal at Amazon

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SAVE $40: Today, Feb. 5, you tin people a Kindle Paperwhite Kids for $129.99, which is 24% little than its database value of $169.99.

Getting your kid to publication much tin beryllium challenging: struggling to way down nan correct books (and past forgetting to bring them along) tin make it moreover harder for nan caller wont to stick. That's wherever nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids earnestly helps parents out.

Today, you tin drawback nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids for $129.99 astatine Amazon. That's $40 (or 24%) little than its accustomed database value of $169.99. While this isn't nan lowest value we've seen, it's still a worthwhile deal, particularly considering nan included one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ and two-year warranty.

With entree to Amazon Kids+, your kid tin prime from thousands of kid-friendly books. Plus, you'll person entree to nan Parent Dashboard, wherever you tin group property filters, adhd books to your child's library, and group acquisition goals. Since nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids is only for reference - location are nary games, apps, aliases videos - it's easier for your kid to enactment focused and suffer themselves successful a story, free of distractions.

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Jumpstart your child's reference travel coming erstwhile you people nan Kindle Paperwhite Kids for conscionable $129.99.

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