Save $34 on this 4K video speaker bar for your meetings

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TL;DR: As of January 29, get nan Poly Studio 4K Video System Speaker Bar connected waste for $449.99 — usually $484.99.

We unrecorded successful a full caller era of distant and hybrid work. Because of our unthinkable tech and integer access, we tin easy collaborate virtually, which is simply a different playing section than years ago. This besides intends that having a reliable and high-quality video conferencing solution is essential. The Poly Studio 4K Video System Speaker Bar will screen your audio and video conferencing needs successful 1 convenient low-profile package. And it's connected waste for conscionable $449.99 (reg. $484.99).

The Poly Studio Bar has a plug-and-play design. This intends there's nary request for analyzable installation clip aliases method expertise. You won't request nan IT section to guarantee your presentations, discussions, and collaborations are conveyed successful clear 4K solution correct erstwhile you request it. The 120-degree section of position and integer zoom offers a measurement to see each item of what you and your squad are moving on. 

As acold arsenic nan audio, nan powerful stereo speakers connection clear sound, while nan NoiseBlockAI exertion useful to intuitively artifact retired unnecessary sound that could distract from your meeting. It besides features a six-microphone array to guarantee everyone's sound is heard large and clear. Plus, an acoustic obstruction makes judge conscionable nan voices successful a peculiar abstraction are picked up.

This audio-video solution offers an easy-to-use master gathering acquisition that tin beryllium relied connected time successful and time out. It is besides compatible pinch astir each platforms, including Skype and Microsoft Teams. It besides comes pinch a remote, wall-mount kit, and array stand.

Give your virtual meetings a master polish pinch this audio-video conferencing system.

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Pick up nan Poly Studio 4K Video System Speaker Bar while it's connected waste for conscionable $449.99 (reg. $484.99) for a constricted time.

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