Samsung's $699.99 Galaxy Book4 just dropped and comes with a free 2TB portable SSD

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Choose nan astir affordable Galaxy Book4 and get a $284.99 worth for free.

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Front and backmost of nan Samsung Galaxy Book4 laptop connected bluish and greenish background

The baseline Galaxy Book4 maxes retired astatine 512GB of storage, but Samsung has you covered. Credit: Samsung / Mashable photograph composite

Get A FREE PORTABLE 2TB SSD: As of March 28, purchasing nan caller entry-level Samsung Galaxy Book4 for $699.99 done Samsung's website besides gets you a free portable 2TB SSD (a $284.99) value.

Samsung's caller Galaxy Book4 bid laptops were a beautiful pricey bunch for nan first period they were out. That is, until March 28, erstwhile an entry-level Galaxy Book4 yet meandered into nan fold. Not Pro, not 360, not Pro 360, and not Ultra — conscionable plain Galaxy Book4.

Starting astatine $699.99 (for nan Intel Core 5 version), nan Galaxy Book4 already astir halves nan costs of nan next-cheapest Galaxy Book4 iteration. The entry-level exemplary does max retired astatine 512GB successful retention connected its own, but a existent Samsung promotion solves that problem existent quick: Samsung will propulsion successful a free 2TB portable SSD T7 Shield (a $284.99 value) erstwhile you purchase your Galaxy Book4 done Samsung's website. (Samsung initially notes that it's a $219.99 value, but scrolling down to nan itemized measure up of checkout shows that your afloat savings are $284.99.)

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The astir affordable Galaxy Book4 is capable to enactment that measurement by cutting corners pinch immoderate specs, for illustration opting for an FHD non-touchscreen alternatively than a 3K AMOLED touchscreen and paring backmost to 8GB of RAM complete 16 aliases 32GB of RAM. Still, nan latest Intel processor's powerfulness is much than capable for moving from home, downloading aliases streaming a movie, and moreover immoderate casual gaming. And, depending connected usage, you could deed 20 hours earlier needing to complaint your Galaxy Book4.

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