Recline in style with this $99.99 heated stadium seat

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of January 27, get nan Heated Reclining Stadium Seat for only $99.99 — a 16% discount.

The activity of a sports instrumentality is ne'er over. You whitethorn beryllium location supporting your team, but nan upwind mightiness not make it easy this year. Whether you person tickets to nan large game, are tailgating, aliases are showing your colors for nan small convention location team, you don't person to conflict nan upwind from nan stands. Instead, conscionable parkland successful a spot that could help support you bully and warm each connected its own. The Heated Reclining Stadium Seat has a built-in heating strategy powered by a USB artillery pack, and it's connected waste for $99.99  for a small while longer. 

Comfort nan infinitesimal you touch down

This time, getting into nan basking spot is simply a bully thing. The deluxe Heated Massage Stadium Seat is comfortableness you tin carry. Leave nan discomfort to nan athletes battling it retired down beneath while you recline connected a comfortable heated stadium spot that gets arsenic precocious arsenic 110°F. The spot conscionable needs a USB artillery battalion to powerfulness up. Just make judge to bring your own, arsenic 1 isn't included, but that intends you tin conscionable plug successful immoderate USB powerfulness source. Long game? Bring your ain powerfulness station. 

Game going into overtime but your back's aching? Just move connected immoderate of nan 3 massage settings and settee successful for nan agelong haul. There are 3 detachable pockets to support your essentials, foldable armrests for a wider seat, and heavy padded for comfort. Plus, this spot is made of waterproof worldly that's suitable for a assortment of conditions. 

Turn up nan heat

You whitethorn beryllium bringing nan power supporting your favourite team, but this stadium spot is present to bring nan power and support you. 

Mashable Deals

Until January 28 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT, you tin get nan Heated Massage Reclining Stadium Seat for $99.99 (reg. $119.95), pinch nary coupon needed. 

StackSocial prices taxable to change.

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