Polestar's Tesla Model Y rival gets price and launch date for North America

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There's rather a large quality betwixt nan starting value and nan apical exemplary price.

Polestar 4

Delivers to customers are starting successful nan 4th fourth of 2024. Credit: Polestar

Polestar 4 is yet arriving successful nan U.S.

The "performance SUV coupé," arsenic Polestar calls it, first launched successful China past year, followed by a motorboat in Europe and Australia successful February 2024.

Polestar 4

The exemplary pinch each nan bells and whistles costs $72,900. Credit: Polestar

In nan U.S., nan agelong range, azygous centrifugal type will commencement astatine $54,900, while nan agelong range, dual centrifugal version will costs $62,900 (that's earlier nan $1,400 destination fee). There are a mates much variants successful between, depending connected which upgrade packs you choose; nan priciest type is nan agelong range, dual centrifugal Polestar 4 pinch Plus and Performance packs, which will costs $72,900.

While nan optional upgrades bring further goodies specified arsenic a heads up display, larger wheels, and amended brakes, each nan cardinal figures are fundamentally nan aforesaid crossed nan board, depending only connected whether you take nan azygous motor, aliases nan dual centrifugal version.

Polestar 4

Yes, you tin besides get it successful gold. Credit: Polestar

All models person nan same, 102kWh battery, pinch a maximum DC charging velocity of 200 kW. For nan azygous centrifugal version, you get 300 miles of estimated EPA range, 272 horsepower, and a 0-60mph clip of 6.9 seconds. The dual centrifugal type loses immoderate of that range, which drops to 270 miles, but has precisely double nan horsepower astatine 544hp, and a 0-60mph clip of 3.7 seconds.

None of these figures hit nan Polestar 4's main rival, nan Tesla Model Y, which starts astatine $43,990. Even its apical variant, Tesla Model Y Performance, is cheaper astatine $52,490, faster pinch a 3.5 2nd 0-60mph time, pinch an estimated scope of 279 miles.

Polestar 4

A 10.2-inch driver show comes arsenic modular successful each variants. Credit: Polestar

Besides a very unique creation and that Swedish charm (Polestar started retired arsenic a Volvo spinoff, though nan Swedish institution has precocious been handing complete nan reins to genitor institution Geely), Polestar 4 does person a fewer much things going for it. It's somewhat longer and wider, its infotainment is powered by Android Automotive OS which Android users will astir apt love, and its interior is little sparse, pinch a 10.2-inch driver show coming arsenic modular (that's too nan main, 15.4-inch halfway display), while a 14.7-inch HUD is optional.

Polestar 4

Those dual leaf beforehand lights are thing else. Credit: Polestar

Safety should besides beryllium top-notch, pinch a driver assistance strategy powered by 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a radar (some information features are optional, though, and must beryllium purchased separately).

Polestar 4 will go disposable for pre-order successful nan U.S. successful "late April," pinch customer deliveries starting successful nan 4th fourth of 2024.

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