Polestar 4 is now available in Europe and Australia

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Volvo's electrical capacity marque has launched its SUV coupé extracurricular of China.

Polestar 4

Polestar 4: Coming to Europe and Australia this summer, but you tin configure and pre-order it now. Credit: Polestar

Polestar 4, nan SUV coupé from Volvo's capacity EV sub-brand, is now disposable successful Europe and Australia.

The slick electrical coupé was unveiled successful April 2023 and first launched successful China astatine nan extremity of that year, but this is its first description globally. And while it's disposable for pre-order successful immoderate European countries and Australia today, accumulation won't commencement until mid-2024, pinch first deliveries being expected successful August.

Polestar 4

Is it a SUV? Is it a sedan? Is it a coupé? Credit: Polestar

The Polestar 4 is simply a large woody for nan brand, arsenic it's nan company's first exemplary that fits into nan highly celebrated mid-size SUV category; nan truth that it's styled for illustration a sporty coupé will astir apt make it moreover much desirable. It's a somewhat smaller relative to nan Polestar 3 SUV, which will besides get successful Europe and Australia this year.

The starting value for nan Polestar 4 is 63,200 EUR (81,500 AUD successful Australia). This is for nan agelong range, azygous centrifugal variant; nan agelong scope dual centrifugal type starts astatine 71,200, and this tin spell up further if you adhd 1 of nan further instrumentality packages, including nan 4,500 EUR Performance Pack. The value besides varies by market; successful Ireland, for example, nan Polestar 4 starts from 68,600 EUR; successful Germany, nan starting value is 63,200 EUR, and successful nan UK it's 59,990 pounds (70,342 EUR). It's besides worthy noting that Polestar presently accepts orders only from 19 European countries; there's nary connection connected erstwhile nan remainder of them will get their turn.

Polestar 4

A 10.2-inch driver display, a 14.7-inch HUD, and a 15.4 inch main display. Credit: Polestar

We've covered nan Polestar 4's specs successful item here, but nan short type is that it's a futuristic-looking hybrid that sits smack successful nan mediate of an SUV and a sporty sedan (think Volkswagen ID.5 aliases Mercedes GLC Coupé). Inside, it's sparse but very stylish, pinch Google's Android Automotive OS powering nan infotainment, and ample displays each around.

Performance-wise, nan Polestar 4 is beautiful quick, pinch a 3.8 2nd 0-100 km/h clip and a maximum powerfulness output of 544hp. With a 100 kWh artillery installed successful some nan azygous and nan dual centrifugal variant, scope is either 610 km, aliases 580 km WLTP. Charging is fast, pinch up to 200 kW DC charging supported connected some versions of nan car.

Polestar 4

Look, ma: No rear window! Credit: Polestar

Finally, a curiosity: The Polestar 4 has nary rear window; instead, a roof-mounted rear camera lets you spot what's down you.

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