NYT's The Mini crossword answers for March 29

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The Mini is simply a bite-sized type of The New York Times' revered regular crossword. While nan crossword is simply a lengthier acquisition that requires some knowledge and patience to complete, The Mini is an wholly different vibe.

With only a fistful of clues to answer, nan regular puzzle doubles arsenic a speed-running trial for galore who play it.

So, erstwhile a tricky hint disrupts a player's flow, it tin beryllium frustrating! If you find yourself stumped playing The Mini — overmuch for illustration pinch Wordle and Connections — we person you covered.

Here are nan clues and answers to NYT's The Mini for Friday, March 29, 2024:


Fawn's mother

  • The reply is Doe.

Like nan kereru pigeons of New Zealand, which autumn retired of trees aft eating fermented fruit

  • The reply is Drunk.

Starbucks size

  • The reply is Venti.

Went go-go-go

  • The reply is Raced.

Sea, successful French

  • The reply is Mer.



The reply is Dream.

One of 20 successful a 6-Across

  • The reply is Ounce.

Join a contest

  • The reply is Enter.

Save for later viewing, for short

  • The reply is DVR.

Baby goat

  • The reply is Kid.

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