Most creators making six figures have less than 1 million followers, new study finds

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Top-earning creators besides usage AI doubly arsenic often arsenic their lower-earning peers.

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A caller study sheds caller ray connected really influencers make money and really nan creator system whitethorn alteration successful 2024. Titled "State of Creators," nan study examines nan business strategies of 2,000 creators who make much than $100,000 a twelvemonth posting to societal media.

The study was conducted by Kajabi, a level that helps creators monetize integer contented for illustration courses and podcasts, and nan institution doesn't opportunity if it tapped its ain creator clients to reply nan survey. However, nan study results do support nan thought that integer contented is 1 of nan astir sure-fire ways for creators to make money. We rounded up nan remainder of its astir fascinating findings.

Income diversification is nan fastest measurement to make $100K

Of nan creators surveyed, 75 percent of respondents said that aggregate gross streams were needed to beryllium financially successful, which intends they don't conscionable trust connected payouts from societal media platforms to enactment afloat. When asked what integer products they made nan astir money from successful nan past year, nan apical answers were: online courses, integer downloads, subscriptions aliases memberships, and online consulting aliases coaching.

95 percent of creators making six figures person little than 1 cardinal followers

For top-earning creators, much followers does not adjacent much income. Just 5 percent person much than 1 cardinal followers, and 25 percent person little than 10,000.

These findings propose that due monetization of diversified income streams intends you don't person to beryllium a prima connected societal media prima to make money disconnected of it.

46 percent of top-earning creators would subordinate a union

Unions could beryllium particularly adjuvant for safeguarding nan livelihoods of high-earning creators, who opportunity that their apical 2 concerns successful 2024 are impacts from ostentation and level volatility. Creators are susceptible to algorithmic alteration and relationship suspensions that tin upend their full business models, and a creator national could thief its members discuss adjacent pay, level policies, contented rights, and more.

Kajabi besides reports that six-figure creators are much apt than lower-earning creators to activity nan employment standards and protections that a national could offer.

Top-earning creators usage AI doubly arsenic often arsenic different creators

Artificial intelligence is simply a generative tool, truthful it's nary astonishment that 29 percent of creators opportunity they usage it each time while an further 43 percent usage it each week. The exertion has immense upsides for contented creators, 73 percent of whom judge it will thief them prevention complete 26 hours a week connected activity successful 2024. And 56 percent deliberation AI devices will beryllium 1 of nan champion ways to trim burnout successful 2024.

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