Meta will finally put AI features into its Ray-Ban smart glasses soon

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If you bought Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses past year, they're astir to get a bully woody much useful.

According to nan New York Times, nan long-awaited AI features that person been disposable successful early entree for immoderate users since December are rolling retired wide starting adjacent month. These features see nan abilities to place definite animals and fruits by looking astatine them, arsenic good arsenic constricted connection translator for English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

This is simply a boon to Meta Ray-Ban owners because, up until now, Meta's smart glasses haven't really felt for illustration smart glasses. There's already a very constricted AI featureset included pinch nan glasses, but it's fundamentally an moreover little useful type of Siri correct now. You tin usage it to make telephone calls aliases threat photos, but it's not awesome for overmuch else.

It remains to beryllium seen precisely how useful these caller AI features will be, but hey, astatine slightest it's a logic to effort connected those glasses again.

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