Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca team up for Super Bowl ad teaser

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"This website slaps, kid!"

What do you get erstwhile you put nan minds down Killers of nan Flower Moon and some of 2023's champion TikToks together? A charming father-daughter collaboration... that besides happens to beryllium an advertisement for Squarespace.

Martin Scorsese teams up pinch his girl Francesca Scorsese for this 4 minute-long clip, which is only a teaser for Squarespace's upcoming Super Bowl ad. In nan video, Martin is moving connected a short movie and struggling to understand nan main character: a website. Luckily, Francesca has a solution astatine nan ready. To get wrong nan mind of a website, 1 should conscionable build a website.

Technical difficulties ensue, arsenic Francesca tries to locomotion her begetter done creating a website. What will his domain sanction be? What fonts will he use? And does he moreover cognize what a URL is? You'll find each this and much — Rants astir aliens! Martin utilizing modern-day slang! Francesca regretting her life choices! — successful nan teaser. Then tune into nan Super Bowl to spot nan Scorseses' last product.

In nan words of Martin Scorsese, we're judge it will "slap."

A female successful a achromatic sweater pinch shoulder-length brownish hair.

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