Listen to this ‘Biden' call sent to voters. No wonder the FCC is cracking down on AI robocalls.

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Some voters successful New Hampshire received a telephone from personification who sounded a batch for illustration President Joe Biden. The telephone encouraged those New Hampshire residents to enactment location during nan superior predetermination past week and "save your votes" for nan wide predetermination successful November.

Of course, that makes nary sense. Voters tin ballot successful some elections. Why would Biden show them specified a thing? Well, that's because he didn't. These were AI voice-generated robocalls created to sound for illustration Biden. You tin perceive to 1 here, courtesy of The Telegraph:

This is conscionable 1 real-world illustration of really AI tin already beryllium weaponized by bad actors. And it's apt a large logic nan FCC now wants to return action against AI-generated calls.

FCC's connection to outlaw AI robocalls

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel released a connection connected Wednesday announcing a connection that nan FCC admit calls generated by artificial intelligence arsenic "artificial" voices nether nan Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). By doing this, nan FCC would make AI-generated robocalls illegal.

The TCPA is often utilized by nan FCC to limit junk calls received by consumers from telemarketers. Under this law, nan usage of artificial aliases prerecorded sound messages arsenic good arsenic automatic telephone dialing systems is prohibited. 

"AI-generated sound cloning and images are already sowing disorder by tricking consumers into reasoning scams and frauds are legitimate," Rosenworcel said successful a statement. The connection continues:

"No matter what personage aliases leader you favor, aliases what your narration is pinch your kin erstwhile they telephone for help, it is imaginable we could each beryllium a target of these faked calls. That’s why nan FCC is taking steps to admit this emerging exertion arsenic forbidden nether existing law, giving our partners astatine State Attorneys General offices crossed nan state caller devices they tin usage to ace down connected these scams and protect consumers."

The timing of Rosenworcel's connection seems to show that nan Biden robocalls person sparked interest regarding really these AI-generated voices tin beryllium utilized successful telemarketing scams arsenic good arsenic imaginable predetermination fraud.

As of now, nan only existent steps to forestall worst lawsuit scenarios caused by AI-generated voices person been taken by nan AI companies themselves. As Bloomberg reported, nan AI institution ElevenLabs suspended nan personification who created nan Biden robocalls from their level past week.

"We are dedicated to preventing nan misuse of audio AI devices and return immoderate incidents of misuse highly seriously," ElevenLabs said successful a statement.

However, arsenic we've seen pinch nan caller nonconsensual AI-generated pornographic images of Taylor Swift, location are those successful nan abstraction who whitethorn not consciousness nan aforesaid arsenic ElevenLabs erstwhile it comes to usage of AI products.

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