Lifetime access to Micmonster AI Voiceovers is on sale for under £50

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Deal pricing and readiness taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: A life subscription to Micmonster AI Voiceovers is connected waste for £47, redeeming you 49% connected database price.

While you whitethorn person nan magic touch for posting connected societal media aliases telling stories, you mightiness not person a sound for illustration Morgan Freeman. When it comes to contented creation, having a clear and compelling sound is key, but hiring professionals tin get expensive.

Some AI devices sound overly robotic, but Micmonster has customisable devices for pronunciation and inflections that make nan scope of sound options sound much natural. You tin get a life subscription to Micmonster for conscionable £47.

No matter what benignant of contented you’re producing — TikTok posts, Instagram Reels, aliases self-publishing a book — adding a sound constituent tin summation your scope while engaging your assemblage connected a deeper level. You could grounds your ain voice, but that has its ain limitations for illustration sound value and versatility.

Micmonster opens up a full caller world of possibilities pinch complete 600 AI-generated voices successful 140 languages. Choose 1 that sounds akin to your own, aliases prime distinctly different feminine and masculine voices to usage successful nan aforesaid project.

Creation is elemental — constitute aliases paste successful your matter transcript and prime a voice. Use built-in devices to set nan tone, rate, pitch, aliases emphasis, aliases adhd pauses, immoderate you request to make nan audio accommodate to your content. And, if nan AI is mispronouncing names, you tin besides fine-tune pronunciation.

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This Micmonster life subscription includes a commercialized license, which intends that you tin usage it successful contented that you profit from. With nan expertise to person 12,000 characters to reside astatine once, you could move a voice-over into a video narration, podcast episode, aliases audiobook.

Make nan contented of your dreams pinch a life subscription to Micmonster AI voice-overs, now only £47 — nan lowest value online — nary coupon needed.

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