'La Chimera' review: Josh O'Connor goes tomb raiding in this magical film

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A soft imagination from head Alice Rohrwacher.

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A group of men and women guidelines successful a doorway, flanking a gangly man successful a achromatic suit.

Gian Piero Capretto, Ramona Fiorini, Melchiorre Pala, Josh O'Connor, Giuliano Mantovani, Luca Gargiullo, Vincenzo Nemolato, and Lou Roy-Lecollinet successful "La Chimera." Credit: Courtesy of Neon

In Alice Rohrwacher's La Chimera, nan past is truthful adjacent you tin almost touch it. In fact, galore characters do.

The film's cardinal set of Italian tomb robbers — aliases tombaroli — regularly pillage gravesites peppered passim nan Tuscan countryside. They physically unit humanities artifacts into nan present, transporting them from their longtime homes of ungraded and chromatic to buildings of solid and steel, wherever they'll beryllium sold to nan highest bidder.

But nan past lingers present successful different ways, too. Our caput tomb raider, an Englishman named Arthur (Challengers and The Crown's Josh O'Connor), is haunted by visions of his mislaid emotion Beniamina (Yile Yara Vianello). But are these memories, dreams, aliases immoderate much ghostly calling? La Chimera thrives successful that fuzzy area betwixt life and death, past and present, creating a gorgeous imagination that is charming and melancholy successful adjacent measures.

La Chimera invites america into a communicative of tomb raiders.

Three tomb raiders excavation up a tomb on a mini ungraded path.

Melchiorre Pala, Josh O'Connor, and Vincenzo Nemolato successful "La Chimera." Credit: Courtesy of Neon

Our first preamble to Arthur is not that of an Indiana Jones-esque archaeologist, but of a disheveled man down connected his luck. Just released from jailhouse for immoderate bully old-fashion sedate pillaging, Arthur curls up dormant successful a train car, wearing a rumpled achromatic suit. There's thing alluring astir him: The 3 section young women sitting adjacent can't thief but inquire wherever he's from. Yet there's thing volatile to him too. A remark from a passing salesman astir really bad Arthur smells draws his ire, provoking a miniature fistfight that sends each nan train's passengers scurrying distant from this angry overseas stranger.

It's successful this authorities of rage that Arthur arrives backmost location successful Tuscany, wherever his chap tombaroli await his return. Despite Arthur's first desire to support his region — particularly from nan mysterious antiques trader known arsenic Spartaco (Alba Rohrwacher) — it's not agelong earlier he's backmost successful nan tomb-raiding business. Turns out, he has a knack for uncovering ancient funeral sites utilizing a dowsing rod, an expertise that leads nan tombaroli to picture him arsenic a benignant of sorcerer.

Rohrwacher and cinematographer Hélène Louvart thin difficult into nan magical realism of Arthur's mysterious power. The scenes of his searching are filmed pinch lingering care, while his moments of find lead to nan full world being flipped upside down. It's a striking motif, 1 that recalls nan image of nan hanged man successful tarot decks (which is besides referenced successful one of La Chimera's posters).

Alice Rohrwacher crafts a soft imagination pinch La Chimera.

A group of men and women thrust a tractor done a parade.

Luca Gargiullo, Melchiorre Pala, Vincenzo Nemolato, Ramona Fiorini, Josh O'Connor, and Giuliano Mantovani successful "La Chimera." Credit: Courtesy of Neon

Arthur's gift is acold from nan only fantastical constituent successful La Chimera, which is truthful afloat of magic it welcomes america into a near-dream state. The recollections of Beniamina tout imagery that would beryllium correct astatine location successful a fairy tale: Flocks of birds mid-flight, mislaid figures wandering done gorgeous landscapes, and a trailing reddish thread that pulls Arthur towards immoderate intolerable treasure.

Elsewhere, Arthur often visits Beniamina's mother Flora (Isabella Rossellini) successful her monolithic house, which is truthful immense and beautifully frescoed that it whitethorn arsenic good beryllium a palace. Apart from Arthur, Flora's only companion is her euphony student Italia (Carol Duarte), whom she treats much for illustration a maid. Sometimes her flock of daughters stops by arsenic well, but their changeless gossiping and scheming astir Italia callback wicked stepsisters much than loving family members.

It's pinch these bricks that Rohrwacher builds nan imagination of La Chimera, on pinch immoderate lighter touches. A philharmonic troupe's opus each astir Arthur and nan tombaroli makes for a charming accompaniment of their exploits, situating america successful what feels for illustration a overmuch older escapade film. At times, characters move to nan camera to confide straight successful nan audience. At others, footage is sped up to create delightfully herky-jerky pursuit scenes. There's a existent consciousness state successful each this experimentation, and you can't thief but get swept up successful Rohrwacher's vision.

Josh O'Connor is superb successful La Chimera.

A female leans her caput connected a man's enarthrosis while they guidelines connected a formation beneath a factory.

Carol Duarte and Josh O'Connor successful "La Chimera." Credit: Courtesy of Neon

Throughout these fantastical interludes, Rohrwacher and O'Connor support La Chimera rooted successful Arthur's nonaccomplishment and pain. While nan tombaroli hunt artifacts for financial gain, his quest walks nan statement betwixt needing money and needing to find immoderate greater meaning. Early mentions of a doorway to nan afterlife hint america into nan existent intent of his changeless searching, moreover arsenic elements of his life (like a imaginable romance pinch Italia) hindrance him further to nan world aboveground.

O'Connor proves achingly fantabulous arsenic Arthur, threading nan needle betwixt his hopeless quest and nan much grounded aspects of his clip distant from nan tombaroli. That equilibrium is coming passim nan film, but particularly successful a statement segment that sees him yearning for Italia 1 minute, past digging for illustration a madman successful nan ungraded nan next. It's an unexpected operation of charming and haunted, and O'Connor nails each beat. You find yourself wanting to jump down successful nan ungraded alongside him and hunt for nan galore buried treasures La Chimera still has successful store.

La Chimera is now successful theaters.

A female successful a achromatic sweater pinch shoulder-length brownish hair.

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