John Oliver takes a hilarious deep dive into the dark, twisted history of Chuck E. Cheese

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"Chuck E. Cheese was a marque founded connected darkness."

As John Oliver makes clear successful nan Last Week Tonight web exclusive above, "Chuck E. Cheese was a marque founded connected darkness."

This section was originally viewable connected a civilization tract past year, but has now made nan jump to YouTube — a invited summation to nan John Oliver mascot cannon.

In nan video, nan big spends 25 minutes breaking down precisely what that means, from nan history of nan restaurant's original cigar-smoking rat mascot that would casually reproach its peers to nan measurement nan franchise has tried to alteration and accommodate successful consequent decades.

Oliver's conclusion? The edifice needs immoderate of its original acheronian back.

"Chuck E. Cheese, you person mislaid your way," he says. "And we want to thief you thief yourself." Cue a sadistic cameo from a elephantine Steamboat Willie mascot who delights successful telling children that they're not special.

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Sam Haysom is nan Deputy UK Editor for Mashable. He covers intermezo and online culture, and writes scary fabrication successful his spare time.

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