John Oliver's 'Hot Ones' episode reduces him to a pool of tears and regret

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"I'll beryllium honest, that was hotter than I wanted nan first 1 to be."

Hot Ones has yet travel for Last Week Tonight big John Oliver. It is unclear why he agreed to taxable his mild British palate to Sean Evans' infamous gauntlet of spicy sauces, but 1 mightiness estimate it's immoderate benignant of self-flagellation.

Though Oliver instantly expressed interest upon sampling nan first and mildest condiment (Hot Ones' Original Buffalo Hot Sauce), he pushed done pinch some bully humour and an aerial of resignation. He did person a fewer prime words for immoderate of nan sauces, though.

"That is conscionable an objectionable point for humanity to do," Oliver declared upon trying Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. "It's not nan worst point we've ever done, but it's portion of our worst instincts."

Expressing expanding apprehension arsenic he worked his measurement done Evans' postulation of basking sauces, Oliver explained why Last Week Tonight is capable to delve into little celebrated topics, recounted being tricked into believing he was gathering Louis Theroux, and recalled bombing truthful spectacularly astatine a standup show that an assemblage personnel threatened to stab him.

Amanda Yeo

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