iPad Air, iPad Pro: The rumored release date window for the ‘biggest revamp ever’

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It's almost caller iPad season, reportedly.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a salient Apple prognosticator, doubled down connected a erstwhile report, stating that Apple will motorboat caller iPads by nan extremity of March. Beyond that merchandise window, Gurman added that this could beryllium nan "biggest revamp ever" for Apple's tablets.

As for what that specifically means, we person only a fewer crumbs of accusation to spell connected astatine this point. Gurman has said since past twelvemonth that Apple is readying connected making 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pros pinch caller M3 chips, and for nan first time, OLED displays. There whitethorn besides beryllium a caller 10.9-inch iPad Air and a larger 12.9-inch Air, which would put it connected par size-wise pinch nan Pro. However, those will apt not person OLED displays.

We could besides spot nan caller iPad Pros ditch nan existent camera predisposition (the beforehand camera sits connected apical if you clasp nan iPad Pro vertically correct now). Some stray code recovered successful iOS 17.4 much aliases little confirms that Apple is readying connected putting nan beforehand camera connected nan tablet's longer broadside truthful it'll beryllium much conducive to video calls. We whitethorn besides spot a caller Magic Keyboard accessory, per Gurman.

If you've been waiting for a caller iPad upgrade, you whitethorn not person to hold overmuch longer.

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