iOS 17.4 beta: 5 new features coming to iPhone, including Apple Podcasts transcripts

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There are a slew of caller updates for EU users, too

iOS 17 render

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The first iOS 17.4 beta dropped. It's an update for developers, giving america a glimpse of what's coming to iPhone erstwhile nan charismatic nationalist update drops successful nan spring.

Due to a European Union instruction that coerced Apple to comply pinch nan Digital Markets Act (DMA), immoderate updates effect EU users only.

5 champion iOS 17.4 features coming to iPhone

Let's return a look astatine immoderate of nan astir extremist changes coming to your iPhone soon.

1. 118 caller emoji

As we reported connected Thursday, iOS 17.4 is introducing 118 caller emoji.

New emojis for iOS 17.4

Six emoji from iOS 17.4's caller characteristic collection. Credit: Emojipedia

This postulation includes 2 head-shaking emoji (one is simply a motion and nan different is simply a motion that indicates "no"), a lime slice, a phoenix, a mushroom, and a surgery chain.

2. Auto-generated transcripts pinch Apple Podcasts

Apple announced that Apple Podcasts is introducing transcripts to nan app, allowing users to "read" episodes alternatively of listening to them. You tin besides usage them to publication on pinch your favourite podcasters.

Transcripts pinch Apple Podcasts

Auto-generated transcripts make it easier to travel Apple Podcasts. Credit: Apple

"As an section plays, each connection is highlighted, making it easy to travel along." nan Cupertino-based tech elephantine said successful a press release.

3. Gaming streaming apps now allowed connected nan Apple App Store

The likes of Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming are now allowed to person dedicated apps successful nan App Store.

Man utilizing Xbox Cloud Gaming

Gaming streaming apps were erstwhile barred from nan Apple App Store. Credit: Microsoft / Xbox

For gamers pinch iPhones and iPads, this will let subscribers to ditch web browser usage, which is known to beryllium somewhat clunky — making mobile, on-the-go gaming overmuch much seamless and smooth.

4. New Stolen Device Protection feature

Stolen Device Protection, which adds a furniture of protection successful nan arena your iPhone gets stolen, now has an action to instrumentality a hold to immoderate information mounting changes if nan instrumentality detects you're not successful a acquainted location (e.g., location aliases work).

5. Siri tin publication incoming messages successful a circumstantial language

In iOS 17.4 beta, you tin group Siri to publication texts successful a circumstantial language, including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.

Siri icon

Siri gets a insignificant update successful iOS 17.4. Credit: Apple

If you instrumentality this change, don't worry. As MacRumors pointed out, it will not interrupt nan superior connection Siri listens and responds to.

In summation to these 5 features, arsenic mentioned astatine nan outset, location are a slew of caller updates specifically for EU users, acknowledgment to nan DMA. For example, EU users pinch iOS 17.4 tin now entree third-party app stores connected their iPhone.

Plus, Fortnite, which was notoriously barred from Apple App Store, is now making a return to nan Apple App Store. But again, this is only for EU users.

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