How to watch 'Wish' at home: It's officially coming to Disney Plus

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Celebrate Disney's centennial without leaving your couch.

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Asha and Magnifico successful still from 'Wish'

Disney gets meta successful its caller animated movie. Credit: Disney

Watch 'Wish' astatine location pinch these speedy links:

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Disney+ Premium (no ads)

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Disney's sewage a caller starring lady, and now she's headed to nan mini screen. Wish primitively deed theaters backmost successful November, and now it's officially making its streaming debut. While it was disposable to watch astatine location via integer video-on-demand services backmost successful January, nan 100th day movie is now coming to Disney+.

Here's what you request to person your very ain Wish watch party.

What is Wish about?

Set successful nan kingdom of Rosas, Wish tells nan communicative of a young woman named Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose), who makes a wish upon a prima that unexpectedly comes true. With nan fallen star's help, and pinch immoderate backup from a recently articulate goat named Valentino, Asha must group wrongs correct and prevention Rosas from King Magnifico (voiced by Chris Pine), its devious ruler.

Get a sneak peek astatine nan communicative successful nan trailer below.

Is Wish worthy watching?

Wish is meant to observe Walt Disney Animation Studios' 100th anniversary. So, for Disney devotees, it's worthy watching for that alone. However, arsenic Mashable's Belen Edwards noted successful her review, it "fails to make a beardown showing successful nan studio's astir unique areas, for illustration songs aliases animation."

Edwards writes that Wish's imaginable is mostly wasted connected self-referential nods. "The attraction connected Disney's different useful besides holds Wish backmost from its potential, leaving america pinch a jumble of forced IP references that doesn't fto up moreover arsenic nan credits roll. The only wish you'll make aft seeing this film is that Disney had stopped riding precocious connected its ain bequest agelong capable to trade an original, cohesive story."

Other critics mostly agree, pinch Wish coming successful astatine 48% connected nan Tomatometer via Rotten Tomatoes. Fans, however, are acold much generous, giving nan movie an 81% rating. If you're a diehard Disney fan, nan changeless references whitethorn deed you pinch nan cleanable dose of nostalgia, but it surely won't wow you for illustration nan films of your childhood.

When is Wish coming to Disney+?

Wish deed video-on-demand services (like Prime Video and Apple TV) for acquisition backmost successful January, and we suspected a precocious February streaming date. That evidently didn't travel to fruition. Instead, aft a agelong wait, Wish is yet group to make its streaming debut connected Disney+ connected April 3, 2024.

If you're not yet a Disney+ subscriber, we've rounded up nan champion ways for you to motion up and prevention immoderate money below.

How to watch Wish: nan champion Disney+ streaming deals

Best Disney+ woody for astir people

The champion measurement to watch Wish and beryllium connected your measurement is to motion up for a azygous period of Disney+. Technically, you won't prevention immoderate money, but you besides won't continuously discarded money either — so agelong arsenic you retrieve to cancel your subscription instantly aft watching. Disney+ will only costs you $7.99 for a azygous period if you don't mind sitting done a fewer ads. Otherwise, nan ad-free action is $13.99/month.

Best Disney+ bundle deal

The Disney+ Duo Basic bundle is excessively bully of a woody to walk up — particularly if you're already a Hulu subscriber. You tin bundle Disney+ pinch Hulu for conscionable $2 much per month, bringing your expansive full to conscionable $9.99/month for both. That saves you 37% compared to paying for each separately. If you're into sports, you tin besides adhd ESPN+ into nan operation and salary conscionable $14.99/month for each three. You'll person to woody pinch ads, but astatine this price, it's difficult to complain. To watch without ads, you'll person to salary an other $10 per month.

Best Disney+ trial

Verizon Fios location net users connected either nan 2 Gig Streaming aliases 2 Gig Complete package tin people a free twelvemonth of Disney+ Premium (no ads), while those connected nan 1 Gig Streaming aliases 1 Gig Complete package tin motion up for six free months. Check your scheme and publication astir eligibility terms complete connected nan Verizon website to activate nan offer.

Best Disney+ woody for Verizon Wireless customers

Verizon Wireless customers person a mates different ways to entree Disney+ for free aliases astatine an awesome discount. However, location are a fewer position and eligibility details, truthful perceive up.

Mashable Deals

Verizon antecedently offered a fistful of Unlimited plans (that are nary longer available) that included six free months of Disney+. If you ne'er took advantage of that connection and are connected 1 of these eligible plans, you tin still unafraid your free proceedings done May 2024. The pursuing plans are included: 5G Do More, 5G Start, Welcome Unlimited, One Unlimited for iPhone, Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, and Play More Unlimited. If you're connected nan 5G Get More aliases 5G Play More plan, you're besides eligible for nan Disney Bundle for free. Check your scheme and publication much astir eligibility and position connected nan Verizon promo page.

Don't person entree to nan now-obsolete trial? You tin still get a stellar woody connected Disney+ done Verizon myPlan. Just adhd a Disney Bundle to your relationship done myPlan, which includes Disney+ Premium (no ads), Hulu (with ads), and ESPN (with ads). All 3 would usually costs you $18.99 per month, but by signing up done this myPlan deal, you'll only salary $10 per month.

Best measurement to get Disney+ for free

If you're a Total by Verizon customer connected nan $60/month prepaid unlimited plan, congrats. You get Disney+ Premium (no ads) for free. No position aliases proceedings periods. Just support your relationship successful bully opinionated and you get Disney+ included pinch your account. If you cancel aliases move your plan, your subscription will extremity arsenic well. If you're connected nan $50/month prepaid unlimited plan, you tin besides people six free months of Disney+, which is plentifulness of clip to watch Wish. If you want to widen that six months, you tin besides move complete to nan $60/month scheme instead.

Other ways to watch Wish

Don't want to motion up for Disney+? You tin still watch Wish and observe Disney's 100th day by adding nan movie to your integer library. This is nan champion action for Disney devotees, since you'll besides get entree to exclusive prize content, including an all-new documentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, a deleted song, and a sing-along type pinch on-screen lyrics. Not to mention, you'll ain it.

Here are nan champion integer platforms for purchasing nan film.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main quality betwixt Disney+ Basic and Premium is nan inclusion of ads. With a Basic account, you'll person to watch constricted ads passim your streaming experience. With a Premium account, you tin bask ad-free streaming and nan expertise to download contented to watch offline. Of course, that comes astatine a price. A Basic relationship will tally you $7.99 per month, while a Premium relationship costs $13.99 per month.

Earlier this year, Disney announced a caller crack down connected password sharing, pursuing successful nan footsteps of Netflix. That intends Disney+ usage is restricted to nan devices wrong nan location of nan personification who pays nan monthly bill. Bummer.

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