How to watch 'True Detective: Night Country' and catch every twist and turn

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 Night Country."

Jodie Foster and Kali Reis successful "True Detective: Night Country." Credit: HBO

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After a five-year hiatus, True Detective is backmost pinch a chilling caller mystery. Now successful its 4th season, True Detective: Night Country navigates nan "tension betwixt madness and nan supernatural," arsenic Mashable's Belen Edwards writes successful her review, calling it a "can't-miss enigma pinch ghostly bite."

For those who've been fans since nan beginning, Edwards notes that Season 4 has rather a fewer things successful communal pinch nan OG season: "A tortured brace of detectives pinch a contentious relationship, a profoundly atmospheric execution case, and moreover hints astatine nan occult." However, now successful nan hands of caller showrunner, writer, and head Issa López, True Detective: Night Country cranks up nan scary aspects of nan show. It nods respectively to Season 1 while carving retired a caller way — one that viewers are already obsessing over.

Intrigued? Here's everything you request to cognize to tune successful to nan twisted lawsuit of Season 4 of True Detective.

What is True Detective: Night Country about?

True Detective: Night Country transports america to nan coldest depths of Alaska during nan polar night (daylight is weeks away). Head-butting detectives Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) analyse nan disappearance of 8 men moving astatine nan distant Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

"The bizarro quality of nan case leads Ennis Police Chief Elizabeth Danvers (Foster) to explanation it a 'shitbowl.' But that doesn't extremity her from seeking retired who mightiness beryllium responsible, particularly erstwhile grounds recovered astatine Tsalal links backmost to a acold lawsuit from six years ago: nan execution of Iñupiaq activistic Annie Masu Kowtok (Nivi Pedersen)," writes Edwards successful Mashable's review.

Get a sneak peek astatine nan new case successful nan charismatic trailer:

How galore seasons of True Detective are there?

Night Country, which officially premiered connected Jan. 14, marks Season 4 of True Detective — 5 years aft nan 3rd play graced america pinch its beingness pre-pandemic. Season 1 first dropped successful 2014, truthful nan show is officially a decade old. It's difficult to judge it's been that long, but present we are.

When and wherever tin I watch True Detective Season 4?

True Detective: Night Country will aerial simultaneously connected HBO and Max each Sunday astatine 9 p.m. ET from Jan. 14 done nan play finale connected Feb. 25. That intends cablegram subscribers who person entree to HBO tin tune successful live. No premium cable? No problem. You'll request a Max subscription successful bid to watch each episode. We've rounded up nan champion Max streaming deals beneath to thief you out.

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Is location a Max free trial?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although nan first 3 seasons of True Detective included 8 episodes a piece, nan afloat play of Night Country is only six episodes total. New episodes aerial each Sunday connected HBO and Max astatine 9 p.m. ET.

The schedule is arsenic follows:

  • Episode 1: January 14

  • Episode 2: January 21

  • Episode 3: January 28

  • Episode 4: February 4

  • Episode 5: February 11

  • Episode 6: February 18

Although True Detective: Night Country takes spot successful nan fictional Alaskan municipality of Ennis, nan accumulation really took spot successful various locations successful Iceland. The accumulation unit built a replica Alaskan municipality (based connected a existent area successful nan northernmost state: North Slope Borough, Alaska) successful 3 main locations — Reykjavík, Akureyri, and Dalvík.

"As overmuch arsenic we would person liked to beryllium existent to nan elements of nan story, nan portion of Alaska wherever we needed to sprout this – which is supra nan Arctic Circle wherever nan nighttime expands into months – doesn’t person nan infrastructure," says showrunner Issa López. "It’s a large production. And Alaska, successful nan months that we were going to beryllium shooting there, you scope temperatures of minus 36 Celsius. It gets beyond quality endurance… to nan constituent that cameras don’t work."

One awesome point astir nan anthology tv bid is that each play centers astir a wholly caller story, case, and moreover cast. You don't request to watch nan erstwhile seasons to understand nan crippled of True Detective: Night Country. However, nan erstwhile seasons — aliases astatine slightest Season 1 — are surely worthy nan watch.

As Mashable's Sam Haysom points out, "There are a number of very bluish and confederate places successful nan world that acquisition what's commonly known arsenic a Polar Night, which is simply a play of acheronian lasting much than 24 hours. The person to nan Earth's poles you go, nan much melodramatic this effect is owed to nan tilt of its axis. There are a number of distant locations wherever nan effect is truthful utmost that nan sun isn't visible successful wintertime for months connected end. Svalbard, an archipelago northbound of Norway, is 1 of them. Northern Alaska is another." TL;DR: yes.

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