How to watch Nicole Kidman's new show 'Expats'

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The Lulu Wang-created play is now streaming.

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Nicole Kidman and Brian Tee successful "Expats"

Catch nan caller constricted bid connected Prime Video. Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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One of nan most anticipated shows of 2024 conscionable arrived connected streaming. It stars Nicole Kidman, centers astir a tragedy, and explores themes of motherhood, marriage, and consciousness of place. No, it's not Season 3 of Big Little Lies. It's called Expats, and it's connected Prime Video arsenic of Jan. 26.

The six-part constricted play bid directed by Lulu Wang (The Farewell) besides stars Sarayu Blue, Ji-young Yoo, Brian Tee, and Jack Huston. Here's everything you request to cognize to tune in.

What is Expats about?

Adapted from Janice Y.K. Lee's 2016 caller The Expatriates, nan bid follows a group of 3 American women surviving successful Hong Kong — played by Nicole Kidman, Sarayu Blue, and Ji-young Yoo — whose lives are everlastingly changed by a azygous tragedy.

Director Lulu Wang moves backward and guardant successful clip to show nan assemblage conscionable really these 3 women are connected and really everything fell apart. As Mashable Entertainment Reporter Belen Edwards wrote successful her review, "Everyone and everything successful this bid orbits astir this 1 event, and nan consequences — from blowout fights to affairs — are arsenic varied arsenic they are painful."

Read Mashable's afloat reappraisal of Expats.

Here's a sneak peek into nan constricted series:

What streaming work is Expats on?

Expats is simply a Prime Video original series, which intends you'll request an Amazon Prime subscription aliases a Prime Video subscription successful bid to watch it. If you're already a Prime member, you're bully to go. Just motion into your Amazon relationship and navigate to Prime Video to watch Expats online. You tin besides download nan Prime Video app and motion successful utilizing your Prime login information. Not a Prime member? Keep reference to find retired nan champion ways to motion up, save, and perchance watch Expats for free.

When do caller episodes of Expats air?

The first 2 episodes of Expats are already disposable to watercourse connected Prime Video. The remainder will beryllium released play each Friday, pinch nan finale coming retired Feb. 23.

Can I get Amazon Prime Video for free?

If you're marque caller to Amazon Prime aliases are returning aft canceling your subscription successful nan past (a twelvemonth agone aliases longer), we person immoderate bully news: a proceedings play will fto you watch each of Expats for free. Don't autumn into that category? You tin still people a discounted subscription if you're a student (with entree to a .edu address) aliases take to subscribe to Prime Video only (not a afloat Prime subscription). Scroll to spot nan specifications below.

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Best for newbies: Amazon Prime free trial

Free tests for streaming services are slow disappearing, but Amazon is still going beardown pinch its 30-day Prime rank trial. If you're marque caller to Prime aliases canceled your rank complete a twelvemonth ago, you tin bask your first period of Prime astatine nary cost. That includes entree to Prime Video for 30 days — plentifulness of clip to watch Expats if you clip retired your subscription correctly. If you want to debar charges ($14.99 per month), beryllium judge to cancel your subscription wrong that 30-day proceedings period.

Best for students: Prime Student

Students tin unafraid a free six-month proceedings via Prime Student, which includes entree to Prime Video and each of nan different perks astatine a discount. You'll request a verifiable student email reside to nab nan deal. Once your free proceedings is up, you'll only person to salary half of nan accustomed costs of Prime to support your rank going — just $69 per twelvemonth — so agelong arsenic your student position is still active.

Best for everyone else: Prime Video only

If you don't suffice for either of nan free tests above, you tin still prevention immoderate money by subscribing to Prime Video connected its ain (rather than a afloat Prime account). While a afloat Prime rank would costs you $14.99 per month, you tin motion up for Prime Video unsocial for only $8.99 per month. It whitethorn not beryllium arsenic bully arsenic watching Expats for free, but redeeming $6 per period is decidedly worthy it. You tin still cancel immoderate clip without committedness — just retrieve to cancel earlier nan period is up if you don't want to beryllium charged for nan pursuing month. Amazon makes it a spot tricky to motion up for Prime Video connected its own. Be judge to prime "change" erstwhile signing up for a scheme to spot each options.

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