How to watch 'Lisa Frankenstein' at home: When is it streaming?

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Bring nan oddball horror-comedy into your home.

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Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse successful 'Lisa Frankenstein'

Credit: Michele K. Short / Focus Features

The champion deals to watch 'Lisa Frankenstein' astatine a glance:

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Free pinch eligible Xfinity accounts (save $59.99/year)

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Mix adjacent parts '80s nostalgia, teen rom-com, and oddball scary and you'll get Lisa Frankenstein — soon to beryllium nan latest summation to nan Peacock movie catalog. The movie landed successful theaters successful February and is already headed to streaming, wherever it'll apt fare better.

Here's everything you request to cognize astir really to watch Lisa Frankenstein, the caller rotation connected an aged corpse tale. Plus, nan champion Peacock streaming deals.

What is Lisa Frankenstein about?

Written by Diablo Cody (Jennifer’s Body) and directed by first-timer Zelda Williams, Lisa Frankenstein follows Lisa (Kathryn Newton), a precocious schoolhouse outcast successful nan '80s. She longs to beryllium pinch her dream guy, who happens to beryllium a 19th period dormant feline buried successful nan graveyard she frequents. A Mary Shelley-esque occurrence brings her dream feline (Cole Sprouse) to life, which spawns a newfound assurance successful Lisa and leads to a travel of emotion and murder. It's a "delightfully deranged" rom-com, arsenic Mashable's Film Editor Kristy Puchko wrote successful her review.

Here's a look astatine nan horror-comedy successful nan charismatic trailer:

Is Lisa Frankenstein worthy watching?

It whitethorn not person dominated nan box office aliases scored cleanable ratings crossed nan committee of critics, but this teen communicative is thing but dull. And if Rotten Tomatoes is immoderate indication, it's a deed amongst audiences.

Puchko notes that this "gleefully fucked-up comedy" whitethorn person a fewer wonky bits, but that's what helps it "hit nan saccharine spot of those '80s comedies that person travel before."

"Here is simply a movie that isn't acrophobic to deterioration its oddball bosom connected its sleeve, combining nan horny and horrific, nan goofy and nan gross, to move effect," she adds.

Read our afloat reappraisal of Lisa Frankenstein.

Is Lisa Frankenstein streaming?

Lisa Frankenstein will officially make its streaming debut connected Peacock connected March 29, little than 2 months aft its theatrical debut. If you already person a Peacock subscription, you're bully to go. If not, you'll request to motion up to watch — and unfortunately, there's nary free trial.

Peacock is still 1 of nan astir affordable streaming services connected nan market, contempt its price hike past summer. If you don't mind a fewer ads interrupting your streaming experience, it'll costs you conscionable $5.99 per month. For nan ad-free Premium Plus plan, it'll tally you $11.99 per period instead.

How to watch Lisa Frankenstein at home: Best Peacock streaming deals

Before you motion up for Peacock to watch Lisa Frankenstein, do yourself a favour and cheque retired nan deals below. You tin people a Peacock subscription astatine a discount aliases you whitethorn moreover suffice for a free relationship if you're eligible.

Best semipermanent Peacock deal

If you're not willing successful semipermanent streaming connected Peacock, you tin motion up for arsenic debased arsenic $5.99 for nan month, past cancel. However, you tin get a full batch much bang for your subordinate if you subscribe to an annual plan alternatively of a monthly plan. It'll costs you either $59.99 per twelvemonth pinch ads aliases $119.99 per twelvemonth without — that's 12 months of streaming for nan value of 10, aliases astir 17% successful savings.

Best Peacock woody for Xfinity customers

Select Xfinity customers tin still unafraid Peacock Premium for free. Be judge to check your ain eligibility done your account.

  • Xfinity Internet users connected nan Gigabit aliases Gigabit+ plans tin people free Peacock Premium for 2 years (offer ends June 25, 2025).

  • Xfinity Internet customers that are Diamond aliases Platinum Xfinity Rewards members tin besides people Peacock Premium for free by redeeming a reward for it. Sign successful astatine and take Peacock arsenic a reward. Then hold for your email (it whitethorn return a mates hours) pinch instructions connected activating nan offer.

  • NOW TV customers tin besides person Peacock Premium arsenic portion of their service.

  • New customers pinch Xfinity Internet and an X1 TV Box, Flex streaming TV Box, aliases a Xumo Stream Box from Xfinity tin get Peacock Premium for free for six months.

Best Peacock Deal for students

Students who want to watch Lisa Frankenstein tin people Peacock Premium for conscionable $1.99 per month for an full year. That's little than your regular java purchase. You'll person to beryllium you're really a student done SheerID, but erstwhile you do, you'll get a unsocial promo codification to unafraid nan discount. Just retrieve nan codification tin only beryllium utilized once.

Best Peacock woody for first responders

If you're a first responder, you tin return advantage of this typical connection and people Peacock Premium for only $1.99 per period alternatively of $5.99 per month. You'll person to verify your first responder position via SheerID and motion up utilizing nan unsocial promo codification sent to you. You tin renew nan woody annually if you proceed to meet verification qualifications, but you'll person to spell done nan process and person a caller promo codification each year. Learn much astir eligibility position and requirements.

Mashable Deals

Best for Instacart users

At nan extremity of 2023, Instacart announced a caller business pinch Peacock — caller and existing Instacart+ members ($99.99/year) now get Peacock Premium included for free pinch their subscription. That's a $59.99 per twelvemonth value. Make judge to return advantage of this freebie if you haven't yet. Instacart+ members besides bask free market transportation connected orders complete $35, little fees, in installments backmost connected eligible pickup orders, and much perks for $99.99 per year. Plus, your first 2 weeks are free, which intends you tin bask Lisa Frankenstein and different Peacock shows and movies for free during that proceedings period.

Best for JetBlue members

Through July 2025, JetBlue TrueBlue members tin gain 1,000 free TrueBlue points erstwhile they sign up for Peacock. Meanwhile, TrueBlue members pinch Mosaic position tin get an full twelvemonth of Peacock Premium for free (a $59.99 value). Unfortunately, nan connection is only valid for caller Peacock subscribers. Learn much astir eligibility and position complete connected Peacock's special connection page.

Other ways to watch Lisa Frankenstein astatine home

Don't want to motion up for different streaming work conscionable to watch a azygous film? You tin besides opt for renting aliases purchasing Lisa Frankenstein connected integer video-on-demand services for illustration Prime Video and Apple TV for $19.99 aliases $29.99, respectively. With rentals, you'll get 30 days to commencement watching and only 48 hours to decorativeness erstwhile you begin. If you struggle to watch things successful a circumstantial clip frame, you'll apt beryllium amended disconnected purchasing a integer transcript of nan movie instead.

Here are each nan links to rent aliases acquisition nan movie connected digital:

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