How to use Apple Pay

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Setting up Apple Pay for contactless payments connected your iPhone is easy arsenic hell.

I was averse to utilizing Apple Pay for a while. Something astir it — putting my telephone successful nan aerial supra a paper scholar and having money taken retired of my slope relationship — felt exceptionally odd. I was connected to nan exertion of yore, dedicated to utilizing my beingness integrative aliases rate money arsenic agelong arsenic I perchance could. But past nan MTA — nan corp that controls nationalist proscription successful New York City — began encouraging commuters to pat their cards aliases phones to salary nan introduction to nan trains. I utilized my paper until, eventually, nan task of taking my wallet retired of my pouch and pulling a paper retired became excessively clip consuming for maine and nan group down me. I group up Apple Pay. I person not turned back.

There's a logic truthful galore group usage Apple Pay. Setting up Apple Pay for contactless payments connected your iPhone mightiness look for illustration a daunting task, but it's really beautiful easy — and utilizing it is moreover easier. 

What You Need

  • iPhone
  • credit aliases debit card

Step 1: Add a paper to your Wallet

Navigate to your Wallet app and click nan "+" icon successful nan top-right corner.

Add a paper to your Wallet connected your iPhone

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Step 2: Choose "Debit aliases Credit Card"

Follow nan steps to adhd cards to Apply Pay. Click "continue," and either return a photograph of your paper aliases manually participate nan card's information.

Choose "Debit aliases Credit Card" to adhd a paper to your Wallet to salary pinch Apple Pay connected your iPhone.

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

Step 3: Pay pinch Apple Pay

To salary pinch your default paper connected an iPhone, simply double-click nan broadside fastener connected your phone, usage your Face ID aliases participate your passcode, and constituent nan telephone astatine nan paper reader. When nan paper has been accepted, you'll spot Done aliases a checkmark connected nan screen.

Pay pinch Apple Pay

Credit: Screenshot: Apple

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