How to factory reset a MacBook

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A mill reset connected a MacBook wipes nan instrumentality of each individual information and reinstalls a clean, unimpeded type of macOS.

Thankfully, completing a mill reset connected a MacBook is painless. Apple has mostly kept nan process reasonably streamlined. However, location are a fewer differences successful nan process depending connected whether you person a MacBook pinch Apple silicon aliases if it’s a MacBook pinch nan Apple T2 Security chip. Whether you’re moving macOS Monterey aliases later will besides effect nan step, albeit slightly.

First, cheque to spot if your MacBook has nan ‘Erase All Content and Settings feature’. If so, travel these steps depending connected nan OS.

For macOS Monterey:

Step 1: Select nan Apple paper successful nan apical left-hand area and deed ‘System Preferences’.

Step 2: Choose ‘Erase each Content and Settings’.

For macOS Ventura aliases later:

Step 1: Select nan Apple paper successful nan apical left-hand area and deed ‘System Settings’.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘General’ successful nan sidebar and click ‘Transfer aliases Reset’.

Step 3: Choose ‘Erase each Content and Settings’.

Once ‘Erase each Content and Settings’ is selected, you’ll person to motion successful pinch your admin credentials, including your password. Apple besides provides a notification of everything being erased, including Apple ID, Touch ID, Apple Wallet, and Find My settings.

This is besides nan chance to initiate a Time Machine backup if you wish. By selecting ‘Open Time Machine’, you tin create a backup of your files and information. However, you’ll beryllium required to person an outer retention device.

Once you corroborate and prime ‘Erase each Content and Settings’ again, nan mill reset is initiated. The MacBook is past activated and restarted, pinch a caller setup process to initiate.

Use Disk Utility

If your MacBook doesn’t connection nan ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ feature, you tin usage nan ‘Disk Utility’ tool. Follow these steps to erase each content:

Step 1: With your MacBook powered down, move it connected and instantly property and clasp nan Command (⌘) and R keys. Do truthful until nan Apple logo appears.

Step 2: Enter nan admin password and prime ‘Disk Utility’

Step 3. Navigate to ‘Macintosh HD’ successful nan sidebar and click ‘Erase’. 

Step 4: Type ‘Macintosh HD’ into nan “Name” section and prime APFS format aliases Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Step 5. Select ‘Erase Volume Group’ aliases ‘Erase’ depending connected what appears. If asked, participate your Apple ID to initiate nan wipe.

With that, your MacBook is now wiped and fresh for a caller owner. You tin now donate, sell, aliases gift your MacBook to personification and not interest astir lingering information being accessible.

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