How to edit videos: Make your captures TikTok-ready

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Let maine show you really to edit videos.

The net scenery has go truthful video-focused, having an knowing of video editing is essential. Of course, you don’t person to beryllium an editing wizard, but it’s a bully accomplishment to person nether your belt. 

Whether it's for work, for societal media, aliases your compiling clips from your latest vacation, there’s nary shortage of reasons why 1 whitethorn want to edit a video. Thankfully, location are truthful galore pieces of package available. 

How to edit videos

Mashable can’t thief but urge Adobe Premiere, which is nan modular among galore professionals.

Not only is it intuitive for those dipping their feet into video editing, but it besides has a wide array of toolsets.

Step 1: Open Adobe Premiere. Import your video clips by selecting File at nan apical paper bar. Next, click Import and take nan clips you’d for illustration to use.

Step 2: Drag-and-drop 1 clip astatine a clip into nan Main Sequence barroom successful nan bottommost halfway of your screen.

Step 3: To edit and refine each video clip, click connected nan Razer Tool (or C key). Use nan playhead astatine nan apical of nan Main Sequence barroom to find nan commencement and ending moments of your clip. Select each 1 individually. 

Adobe Premiere video editing

Credit: Steve Vegvari

Hit nan Selection Tool (or V key) and usage your rodent to prime each unwanted clip and deed nan Delete fastener connected your keyboard.

Step 4: To adhd caller audio aliases music, import nan audio files by dragging them into nan Project panel. You tin past adhd each 1 onto nan Main Sequence and assort them accordingly. 

You tin besides shut up nan original audio from nan video clips by clicking nan ‘M’ awesome connected nan original audio way successful nan Main Sequence (likely designated arsenic Audio 1).

Step 5: Rearrange and shape your clips and audio by dragging each clip successful nan Main Sequence.

Adobe Premiere screenshot

Credit: Steve Vegvari

Once you are done, caput to Sequence in nan apical paper barroom and prime Close Gap to region immoderate gaps successful your timeline.

Step 6: If you’d for illustration to adhd a title aliases onscreen text, deed nan Text instrumentality (or CRTL + T key). Then clip connected nan Program monitor above. Begin typing nan matter you wish to use. 

Adobe Premiere screenshot

Credit: Steve Vegvari

Adjust really agelong you’d for illustration nan matter to enactment connected surface by adjusting its clip long connected nan timeline. 

Use nan Effects Control panel connected nan apical left-hand broadside to set font, sizing, positioning, etc. 

Step 7: Use your rodent to item each nan clips from opening to extremity connected nan Main Sequence. Navigate to ‘File in nan apical paper and Export.

Select Media and sanction nan file. Choose its export destination and format. In astir cases, YouTube 1080p Full HD is a bully preset to take because it will beryllium compatible pinch galore platforms. 

From there, you tin return your clip and usage it arsenic you spot fit. Upload it to YouTube, show it disconnected connected TikTok, stock it connected Instagram, aliases propulsion it successful a Google Drive.

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